The Pool Hosts the Art! : «La Piscine-Musée»

LA PISCINE MUSEE - AFTERThe Art Deco pool in Roubaix – France that turned into an art museum, attracts art lovers.

images (4)In the city Roubaix in northern France, between 1927 and 1932, a magnificent municipal swimming pool was built by the architect Albert Baert, which had been the jewel of the town as it was a real piece of Art Deco.  However, as time passed by, the safety issues due to the aging of the building, led in 1985 to the permanent closure of the pool.

LA PISCINE MUSEE - AFTER (4)The city council, rather than leave the building at random or to demolish it, decided to proceed to its fundamental restoration and renovation by the architect Jean-Paul Philippon, converting it into a museum named «La Piscine-Musée», that is “The swimming pool” museum.  The photos of ‘before’ and ‘after’ are astonishing…

images«La Piscine Musée d’ Art et d’ Industrie André Diligent» – as it was named, opened its doors on 21/10/2001. The first year of its reopening a visitation record was registered, as its visitors exceeded 200,000.

LA PISCINE MUSEE - AFTER (3)The museum, besides its impressive permanent exhibits dating back to 1835 and covering 19th and 20th century and of course its magnificent olympic-size, art deco pool that is a feast for the eyes, attracts art lovers from all over the world, because it hosts major temporary exhibitions of great artists throughout the year, and also organizes very interesting art workshops.  A wonderful garden, a gourmet restaurant and a special souvenirs gift shop, ideally complement the museum’s facilities.

LA PISCINE MUSEE - AFTER (2)So, if you ever be in Roubaix (…we’d wish), do not miss visiting «La Piscine-Musée».  Enjoy its impressive atmosphere, peer up its exhibits as you hear the soundtrack of voices, laughter and kids’ splashing ever since the swimming pool was functional, and feel the time turning backwards…

Stroll through the halls of the museum, while enjoying the incomparable beauty of its art deco pool because …it’s good for you!

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