The Magic of Christmas

JOYBright lights on the streets, decorated trees, scents of baking goods and smiling faces…are those the things that make us happy on Christmas or is there something else?

MAGICEver since we were children, Christmas have been associated with endless rows of shining lights, colored packages, presents and holidays from school. As adults, we experience Christmas amidst obligations and responsibilities that we never even thought of when we were younger but, we smile effortlessly when we look at a Christmas tree or listen to a familiar Christmas song. That effortless joy stems deep from within our subconscious, it has deep roots inside us along with the hope that everything will be alright. Along with love.

LOVEChristmas is the holiday that brings us closer together. The holiday that, apart from the consumerism that has come to define it, signals the need for a renewal and new beginnings. Christmas is that make, an otherwise boring, visit from relatives cause for festive celebration. On Christmas, an ordinary cup of coffee with friends is turned into a potion that warms us deep inside, all the way to our heart. But most of all, Christmas is the time that the troubles of those around us, become our troubles too…

CHRISTMASHence no, it’s not only the bright lights and the shining ornaments that make us happy. It’s not the anticipation for gifts and glamorous parties that fill the atmosphere with positive energy. It’s the fact that, on Christmas we love more, we hope more, we wish from the depths of our hearts, we sincerely care and lovingly embrace one another. On Christmas we become more human and that is the essence of their magic.

So please try to keep some of this magic in your hearts all year round. It’s good for you!


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