The Lake of Melissani in Kefalonia

MELISSANIThe underground lake of Melissani in Kefalonia is a geological phenomenon of unparalleled beauty filled with myths and mysteries. Lets’ explore it…

KEFALONIA (3)The lake of Melissani was discovered in 1951 by Giannis Petrocheilos. It is said that it acquired its name from the nymph Melissani who, crushed from being rejected by the God Panas, committed suicide inside the cave that once covered the entire lake. Today, a part of the ceiling of the cave has collapsed leaving a large part of the lake exposed and therefore creating spectacular landscape of unique beauty.

KEFALONIAThe lake is situated a few kilometers away from Sami, on the east side of Kefalonia and it has two entrances. A natural entrance that was created from the collapse of the ceiling and a second one, man-made, from which visitors can explore the inside of the cave. The water of the lake is crystal clear and it has the most amazing blue-green color that stuns visitors as soon as they see it. Likewise, the countless stalactites at the entrance and inside the cave create an awe inspiring “natural sculpture”. All this compared with the lush nature that surround the outer part of the lake, reaching as far down as the water, create a truly one of a kind spectacle that takes your breath away.

KEFALONIA (2)But the mysteries do not stop here. Inside the lake there is a very small island on which archaeologists have discovered an idol of the God Panas made of clay, discs with nymphs on them and other worshiping artifacts. That proves that the lake was worshiped both for its mythological and its mystical significance. Additionally, in 1963 after studies, it was discovered that the lake of Melissani is connected underground with Argostoli which is located at the exact opposite side of the island. The water from the area Katavothres goes into the earth through openings, travels underground through passages and comes out at lake Melissani filtered and unsalted.

KEFALONIAThe visitors of the lake can explore it on small boats and, if they happen to be at the lake at noon, they can experience a breathtaking scene while the sun casts its light directly over the opening of the cave. Also, the boatmen serve as guides providing information about the lake and its myths. The tour lasts about 10 minutes ad it is one of the things you definitely should not miss while visiting the island of Kefalonia.

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