An Alcohol Combination that you Don’t Want to Try

ALCOHOL AND DRIVINGNo one will disagree that, if alcohol is combined with good company and music then things become as fun as they can get.  But what happens if driving is added to that equation?32% of all car accidents happen due to driving under the influence of alcohol and 13.000 people lose their lives every year in such accidents.  The numbers are simply sad!

DANGEROUS DRIVINGDuring driving, our brain is called upon to make many different decisions at the same time. That means that our senses must be alert, our responses immediate and our judgment sober.  Alcohol affects each of the above individually thus making driving and ourselves extremely dangerous for us and other around us.

Of course, there will be people to claim that “I haven’t drunk that much”, “I’m fine to drive”, “If I sit behind the wheel I’ll sober up” but they are gravely mistaken and here’s the proof straight from the American Center of Alcoholism and Addictions.

  • With 2 glasses of alcohol the blood alcohol concentration levels reach 0,2.  At that level the individual’s mood starts to change, they feel more relaxed and along with that their vision becomes affected and the ability to perform more than one tasks at the same time.BLOOD ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION
  •  With 3 glasses of alcohol the blood alcohol concentration levels reach 0,5 in which case the psychomotor movements are gravely affected, the eyes begin to move slower, the individual’s response time is significantly lower, coordination issues arise and the optical recognition of space becomes distorted.
  • With 5 glasses the blood alcohol concentration levels reach 0,8 and at that point the muscles can no longer coordinate.  That results in slurred speech, loss of balance, impaired vision and hearing and poor response timing. The individual’s judgment is rendered useless as self-control and the ability to estimate danger are lost.  The information that reach the brain are not processed something that leads to memory loss and the inability to respond to stimuli.

Drinking and DrivingIt is obvious that we do not even have to think whether we are capable of driving.  With more than glasses of alcohol driving is simply out of the question.  We will make our sober friends very happy if we ask them for a ride or if we just take a taxi or any other mass transportation.

And don’t forget, swimming and alcohol also don’t mix well!

So forget those bad “cocktail combinations”…it’s good for you! 

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