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Blog.Ideales.gr is the electronic communication system of Piscines Ideales (hereafter “Ideales”) with the public, which grants information and service through internet, under the following terms of use, which users are asked to read carefully and proceed to access/use the pages/ services only if they fully accept them. Any use of blog.Ideales.gr indicates your unconditional acceptance of these terms.

1. Ideales is not bounded in any case by the content of its own website (www.Ideales.gr), including the content of blog.Ideales.gr (hereafter “Website”), and makes every possible effort, so that the whole content of the Website, as well as all information provided, is to the utmost verified, accurate and thorough.

2. Every information/articles/comments within blog.Ideales.gr represent the views of their authors. Ideales reserves the right not to publish or to immediately withdraw from blog.Ideales.gr any aspect/comment of its users, which violates the Greek laws or/and fair practices or/and offend the honor, reputation or ethos of any person.

3. All content of blog.Ideales.gr including indicatively and not restrictively, articles, texts, graphics, photos and generally any kind of files, is intellectual property of either Ideales, or its associates, or any third-party beneficiary, and is protected by the national and international intellectual property rights or copyright law. The trademarks, logos, as well as the layout of blog.Ideales.gr are intellectual and industrial property of Ideales.

4. It is strictly forbidden, without Ideales’ prior written consent, any copying, storage, reproduction, republication, transmission, translation, disposal with or without anything in return, exploiting or modifying in any way in whole or partially, of the content of blog.Ideales.gr and generally, every action that may constitute infringement of intellectual or industrial rights of Ideales or its associates, or any third-party beneficiary.

5. The content and information included in the Website, including blog.Ideales.gr, are an offer from Ideales to its users and generally to the community of web users and the publication of any kind of information, opinion, advice, etc. in its Website, can by no means be perceived as a recommendation or advice from Ideales to perform any act. It is exclusive responsibility of the users to properly – according to the rules of reason and to their personal discretion – read and evaluate the content of blog.Ideales.gr, excluding any relevant liability of Ideales

6. In blog.Ideales.gr it is possible to chat according to the rules dictated by the Users’ Code of Conduct on the Internet (NETIQUETTE). All opinions and comments should be expressed decently, politely and in a way that they do not offend in any way persons and circumstances. Opinions and beliefs expressed by users/visitors in this way, can in no case mean that they are approved from blog.Ideales.gr. They constitute exclusively their personal views, generate rights of intellectual property for those who express them, and they also bear the exclusive responsibility. Any violation of these terms gives to our Website the right to exclude a user/visitor of this service.

7. Ideales is not responsible for the content and services of other websites, referred to via links or hyperlinks or advertising pictures (“banners”), neither it ensures their accessibility. These links are provided solely for the user’s convenience and Ideales does not control/check and in no case guarantee, accept or approve the content of each link or advertising “banner”.

8. Ideales strives for the smooth function of the Website from technological aspect. However, it cannot guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will always be provided without any interruption or errors, and that any errors will be corrected and it bears no responsibility towards the users/visitors of its Website. Likewise, it cannot guarantee that its Website or other affiliated or linked websites or servers, do not contain viruses or other harmful components and also that unauthorized persons (hackers) may not intervene in the Website’s content.

9. Ideales makes every effort in order to anticipate, prevent or suppress illegal or improper actions by its Website’s users, but bears no responsibility in case – despite its efforts – a user of the Website, proceeds to illegal or improper use of the Website’s services.In case the illegal or improper actions of a user leads Ideales to a legal dispute with the person who was insulted, or to an imposed fine by public authority, the user who committed these actions will be called to take part in the trial as a procedural guarantor, compelled in any case to compensate Ideales for any positive or consequential damage, including legal fees.

10. The user must adhere to the basic rules of good behavior and comply with fair practices and refrain from actions that even if they do notconstitute a criminaloffense,can off end the honor, reputation and ethos of other visitors/users of the Website or may damage or interfere with its operation.

11. The user is responsible for accessing the services of the Website and for any possible obligation to pay fees to third parties (e.g. internet service providers, time charges, etc.). He is also solely responsible to be equipped with his own personal equipment with the necessary technological means, which will allow him to access the services of blog.Ideales.gr.

12. Ideales will keep in file and edit any personal data of the users/visitors that may be given by them during their visit to its web pages. The management and protection of the blog.Ideales.gr user’s/visitor’s personal data is subjected to the terms of Ideales Group’s Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance. Ideales maintains records of this data exclusively for communication purposes and to improve provided services and ensuring the operation of the service. More specifically, concerning the blog’s service, blog.Ideales.gr may record the messages sent by users/ visitors in order to verify the existence of any violations of the terms hereof, and not to disclose their contents to third parties. For any question or proposal/suggestion concerning these matters, please contact us via email, at info@Ideales.gr.

13. Ideales reserves the right at any time to amend the terms and conditions of use of this internet site.