What Not To Do In Your Spa

SERENITY (1)Your spa is a place where you can relax, enjoy and have magical moments with your loved ones …Without exaggerating.  Read about what you should avoid while you are in and around your spa so that you can enjoy it safely!

Fun without alcohol
Minolta DSCThe warm water dilates blood vessels so alcohol is absorbed by your system more easily and its effects become more intense.  If you want a drink, choose something light and drink it slowly so you can avoid accidents and misunderstandings!

Watch your step
While relaxing in a spa, your muscles relax too –hence the amazing feeling of rest-.  However, if you remain for a long time in the warm embrace of your spa, try to get out very carefully since your completely relaxed muscles may not be able to respond quickly.

Reasonable temperatures
SELF-CLEANING (17)Surely the water of your spa is much more enjoyable when it is warm –or even hot- rather than lukewarm, but try not to overdo it.  While the warm water may work miracles for you, the high temperature may not be so beneficial in some cases.  So, keep it within reasonable levels (34-37οC) and always according to the manual of your spa and your doctor.

Not a bath
partyA common mistake new spa users make is to think that they can use soap in it.  The use of soap is not allowed in the spa because it may damage its mechanism and because the uncontrollable foaming will make your space look like a scene from “The Party” starring Peter Sellers and you.  Also, it is very inefficient because if you do use soap you will have to empty and refill your spa every single time!

Children under supervision
SELF-CLEANING (33)Children love spas since they can have unlimited fun with their family and friends in the water.  However, just like with any other children’s activity, adult supervision is a must because …too much fun may lead to mischief!

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