The 5 Unknown Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

IDEALES SPA 7 (19)Many of us are probably aware of the therapeutic and aesthetic qualities of hydrotherapy, as well as of the wellbeing and pleasure that the beneficial soaking in warm water can provide.

But there are certain qualities of hydrotherapy, which are not very well known.

1. Relieves headache

The relaxation in a Spa relieves headache, especially when it comes from tension.  This is because, while relaxing the muscles of our body, you also relax the muscles in the head, and neck thus creating tension relief.

2. Releases breath

Inhaling warm moist air, has always been a homemade recipe for upper respiratory problems.  When we feel congested, the steam coming out of the warm water can help open the nasal passages (sinuses).  With a little eucalyptus essential oil the results are impressive.

3. Relaxes your feet

After an endless day, perhaps a foot massage is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  Especially if the massage takes place in a spa with pressured hot water (jets), it can vanish the pain and make you feel so light on your feet, as if you were flying.

4. Complements recovery programs

Following the healing of injuries, many recovery programs on abroad, include hydrotherapy.  A Spa positively affects the recovery, for a faster return to action.

5. Soothes after sport

IDEALES SPAAfter the gym, jogging or a hard game, a soothing spa will relax us completely, while reducing the chances of muscle strains and aches the following day.

A Spa can be therapeutic, invigorating, relaxing and enjoyable.  In short a Spa  …is good for you!


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