No more Stress. We can’t Stand it.

SELF-CLEANING 775 (3)Should we take much more care of ourselves, due to the crisis and the madness that prevails nowadays?  Is the accumulated anxiety verging on paranoia and we need to find the most effective escape from it?

Now is the beginning of winter, the start of a brand new season.  Now is the time to make the start for our new improved self, adopting a new lifestyle, full of wellness and vitality for our soul and body.  We really need this.

200483236-001Ideales Spa offers us the possibility of creating the perfect retreat for everyday relief, relaxation, rejuvenation and fitness, in our own private space.   It’s the perfect way to pamper and take care of ourselves, while having the ability of an excellent “time out”, whenever we wish. Ideales Spa is the beginning of the new lifestyle that we’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Below you can find 9 certified truths (and not marketing fairytales) about Ideales Spa and how they help us to overcome the daily madness situations!

  • Heal yourself with the Natural Ideales Spa way

MOSAIC SWIM SPA 480 (7)Fight arthritis, back pain, tension in the neck.  At the same time, facilitate the healing of muscle problems or injuries.

According to the Arthritis Foundation of USA, regular immersion in a Spa is extremely beneficial, because the hot pulsating water increases blood supply to muscles and joints, while facilitating the transmission of oxygen.  Furthermore, due to buoyancy, the tension from your body is released.

  • Have Sweet Dreams

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of Greek people, who can no longer enjoy a qualitative sleep?  For the treatment of insomnia, the National Sleep Foundation recommends immersion in hot water at least 2 hours before bedtime.  In fact, academic studies show that increased body temperature causes deeper sleep while, the release of endorphins -which are a natural sedative- guarantees the pleasure of a highest quality sleep.

  • Relax and Relieve Yourselves

Casting of tension is no longer a luxury but a necessity that we have to meet in order to avoid health problems (God forbid).  Hydrotherapy is based on three key elements: heat, buoyancy and massage, which in combination create the most relaxing and unique feeling.  It is proven that inside your own Ideales Spa you can relieve yourself from the symptoms of stress and escape from the dozens of everyday problems.

  • Treat Headaches

Forget all about aspirins!  If analgesics and aspirins won’t work anymore, we have the solution for you.  Relieve yourself from tension, headache, even from migraines.  The systematic inhalation of hot and also moist air has always been a successful method of treating upper respiratory problems. Indeed, it is ideal for relieving mild congestion of the nasal passages.  Moreover, these inhalations help in blood vessel dilation, thereby enhancing the transfer of oxygen to all parts of the brain.

  • Keep your Figure

The hot water that is ejected by pressure from the powerful jets of Ideales Spa, increases microcirculation, dissolves fat and achieves tissue tightening.  A research conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine found that people using Spa for 30 minutes every day, 6 days a week, for just 3 consecutive weeks, lose an average of more than half a kilogram per week, by simply relaxing in the Spa and without any further changes in their lifestyles.  Furthermore, studies of Cleveland Case Western Reserve University, proved that 30 minutes of immersion in a Spa, 2 hours before bedtime, offer weight reduction and loss of centimeters.

  • Get Rejuvenated with Absolute Reflexology

A few minutes of immersion in an Ideales Spa, are enough to stimulate reflex zones on your feet, where the body is reproduced in detail into the countless nerve endings.  The stimulation of reflexes is made by sending relieving messages to the tissues. In other words, microcirculation gets better, thus achieving rejuvenation and serenity.

  • Indulge in the Delight of Aromatherapy

Treat naturally slight insomnia, irritation, depression, headache, as colds, while enjoying at the same time the antiseptic effect of Aromatherapy.  Numerous studies, such as that of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital NY, establish the effectiveness of Aromatherapy in reducing stress.

  • Preserve your Youthfulness

Stress reduction, better sleep, firming skin and a better quality of life that your own Ideales Spa offers you, contribute to a general feeling of freshness and rejuvenation.  The improvement of blood circulation and the release of endorphins, strengthens the immune system, reduce inflammation, heal wounded tissues and provide more energy to your body, making you feel and also look young.

  • Escape to your own Paradise

Invest in quality time with your loved ones, or “boost” a friendly gathering with the pleasure that your Ideales Spa offers. Create your own retreat from stress and routine.  Enjoy it whenever and however you wish, without unnecessary expenses and travelling.

Therefore, it turns out that body and mind are revitalized in complete harmony and peace and a new self emerges, a calmer, more beautiful, more shiny one.  A self, whom so many of us have forgotten the last few years and we should find him again.

The purpose of Ideales Spa is to offer this new lifestyle: Enjoyable, Relaxing, Rejuvenating, Therapeutic!

Whether you wish to get rid of stress, or take advantage of the numerous benefits of Hydrotherapy for either health or aesthetic purposes, or to get closer to family and friends, or simply to experience enjoyable moments of relaxation and wellness, choose the unrivaled Ideales Spa.

Today, you can turn pleasure into way of life! Dive into Ideales Spa because …it’s good for you!

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