Nature Suggests …Natural Spa!

Pamukkale 1Nature has provided to set up worldwide the most elaborate spas. Natural springs and lakes, famous for their healing qualities, highlighting gorgeous landscapes that impress and invite us to visit for healing and recreation.

  • Egerszalók, Hungary

Egerszalók pools in Hungary is one of the most famous natural spa in the world, due to the hot water that is rich in calcium and magnesium. What could be more ideal for relaxation and wellness?

  • Huanglong Pools, China

Huanglong PoolsThe Huanglong area is located in northwestern China. The colorful succession of pools, is formed by the deposition of calcite that is « crusted» in the waters arriving here from snow capped mountain peaks. The whole range of blue is outspread here…

  • Mammoth Hot Springs, USA

Mammoth Hot SpringsMammoth Hot Springs in the famous Yellowstone National Park in America, is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world. This is a great set of natural pools and hot springs up on a hill from travertine (a sedimentary rock), created thousands of years ago. Here, because the travertine is colored yellowish or reddish due to the presence of iron hydroxide, the shades of water play among the green, red, orange and brown, creating an eerie landscape!

  • Kuang Si Falls, Laos

Kuang Si FallsKuang Si Falls «waterfalls» are located within a tropical forest in Laos! They flow on three levels and are very shallow. The crystal clear waters end up in natural rock formations resembling small pools where you can swim all year round, or just be stunned by the unique beauty of the landscape.

  • Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale (2)One of the most impressive landscapes in southwestern Turkey, and a UNESCO World Heritage Monument, is Pamukkale, or «the cotton castle».  The waters collected between natural limestone formations, forming small natural clear blue pools. The transparent blue color is mainly due to the white limestone that brings it out the best possible way.

  • Badab e-Surt, Iran

Badab e-SurtGod’s terraces… In northern Iran, in the province of Mazandaran, Badab e-Surt was formed over thousands of years, a “ladder” with therapeutic water in different shades. The water «terraces» were created by the water of two nearby hot springs containing various carbonate minerals, which in turn become solidified and remain on the mountain slope.

  • Baishuitai Pools, China

terrasyi beloy vodyi u shangri laThe constant deposition of calcium carbonate contained in the spring water that runs through the foothills of the mountains Haba Snow, resulted over the years in carved elaborate white undulations embracing small pools with crystal clear waters.  Baishuitai Pools apart from a natural thermal spa, is a unique work of art.

  • Semuc Champey Pools, Guatemala

Semuc Champey PoolsAmongst the rocks of the river Cahabon in Guatemala, nature embroidered in a row natural pools and small lakes with crystal clear waters in all shades of blue and green. Heaven has a name: Semuc Champey Pools!

  • Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Hierve el AguaIn the area Hierve el Agua of the valley of Oaxaca Mexico, there are four springs on top of a rock that its width is 60 meters.  Their waters supply small natural pools and ponds which, because of their content of calcium carbonate and various minerals and their temperature («hierve el agua» means «boiling water»), not only have healing qualities but also an amazing light blue color. The fourth spring on the edge of the rock has created two white petrified waterfalls, which are natural formations carved on the rock over thousands of years and have painted white the stone waterfalls. The canvas that nature has painted, far surpasses the imagination of the most famous painter…

  • Loutra Pozar (Pozar thermal baths), Greece [cause if we don’t praise our house, it will fall down on us!]

Loutra Pozar 2Loutra Pozar or Loutraki metal springs, are located in Loutraki of Pella and are created by the warm waterfalls of Kaimatsalan mountain.  The water of the thermal baths gushing at 37ο C (hence «Pozar»*) has many healing qualities and is safe to drink, but also ideal for stimulation and/or relaxation.  Pozar is the ultimate destination for those seeking to combine the healing qualities of the thermal baths to the physical and mental well-being offered by the contact with nature.  The truth however is, that visitors live a unique experience in a fairytale landscape.

* The word pozar means glowing embers, burning coals.

So, combine «business with pleasure» and enjoy the most spectacular natural spa …it’s good for you!

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