Increase Hotel’s Revenue

The competition in the tourism sector is high, so the hotelier who makes sure that his tourist accommodation meets the modern standards and the requirements of his Visitors is the most benefited.

The more attractive the tourist package offered by the hotelier, the greater will be the response from Visitors, who are looking for a hotel or a tourist accommodation with as many and more quality facilities and services as possible.

A great advantage for a tourist accommodation is the existence of a Hydrotherapy Unit – the so-called spa or jacuzzi – either of communal use situated in a nicely designed space or of private use in selected rooms/suites or villas.

It is undisputed that a spa highly upgrades the image of your hotel and is a constant attraction for Visitors in our country.

A spa is not just another facility for your hotel, suites or villas… The spa is a major investment that guarantees more bookings and extra money.

Jacuzzi in hotels is an excellent method of personal care, as it is the most modern and effective way of physical and mental care.

The beneficial Hydrotherapy, the unique rejuvenation and the enjoyable relaxation provided by a spa, are highly valued and are duly appreciated by the Visitor who wants to offer himself and his loved ones the best on his vacation.

And when the Visitor is happy by the facilities / services you offer him, it is more than certain that he will come back again, and moreover he will recommend you to his relatives and friends, thus increasing your hotel’s bookings and revenues by geometric progress!


However, you have to carefully choose the spa supplier company, in order to have profit from your investment.  By choosing the famous Ideales Spa, you choose top quality from the world’s largest spa manufacturer, the Canadian company Hydropool, with the extra benefits of significant guarantees, great ease in cleaning the spa and low operating and maintenance cost.

Consult our specialists by calling us at +30 2106148400, to get the Ideales Spa that meets the needs of your hotel and see this season take off!

Hundreds of tourism professionals have chosen a spa as an important “tool” to attract Visitors to their hotel or villas, creating unique spots of enjoyment and rejuvenation that satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Why not you?

Upgrade your hotel with an Ideales Spa …it’s good for you!

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