Hydrotherapy at its Best!

Who would not wish to change his life for the better…  Spa hydrotherapy primarily relaxes and revitalizes us.

These are the most well-known beneficial effects of hydrotherapy in our body.  However, it is time to learn some other positive and equally beneficial effects of Hydrotherapy and Hydromassage, which can dramatically change the quality of our life, transforming our tiring everyday life in a new way of life full of pleasure.


So, hydrotherapy has its own special and pleasant way to:

Help lose weight

It cannot be done more easily and pleasantly! Research of the New England Journal of Medicine showed that only 30 minutes of relaxation in a Spa, six days a week, for three consecutive weeks, helps losing more than half a kilo per week, without any effort!

Fight insomnia

According to a study by the US National Sleep Foundation, the immersion in a Spa 2 hours before bedtime, fights insomnia and offers us a deep and satisfying sleep, with many sweet dreams!

Relieve pain from arthritis

A scientific research from the US Arthritis Society has shown that Hydrotherapy relieves arthritis pain and pain in the back, as the pulsating warm water of the Spa increases the blood supply, which contributes to reducing inflammatory particles, thereby alleviating the sensation of pain in our body.

Improve heart function

When submerging in the delightfully warm water of our Spa (hot tub / jacuzzi), water puts pressure on our body which makes our heart to “train”, i.e. to work at a slightly more rapid pace, fact that strengthens the heart and preserves it healthier.

Clear body pores

The warm water hug of a Spa opens our body’s pores, clearing it of microbes and helping it at the same time to get rid of the harmful toxins.  As a result we have a more healthy and fresh skin, thus significantly improving our image and of course our mood 🙂

Moreover, Hydrotherapy and Hydromassage improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches and migraines. What else can you ask from your spa / jacuzzi!

Of course, in order to benefit through Hydrotherapy and Hydromassage, you should first make the right spa choice… With an Ideales Spa you can be sure that you have made the best choice, which provides you with all the above benefits through the high standard individualized hydrotherapy that the advanced Ideales models offer you.

With our knowledge and experience we will help you choose the most suitable spa / jacuzzi model based on your needs, so that you can enjoy the most of all the beneficial properties of your own Ideales Spa!

Get Hydrotherapy in your life with an Ideales Spa …it’s good for you!

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