Global Award to Ideales

ΒΡΑΒΕΙΟ HYDROPOOL GOLD 2014 - CopyThe Greek Ideales Group continues to excel in global market.  This time it won the Gold Dealer Award 2014, because of the excellent service offered to its Customers, its inspiring marketing and its increased sales of the Ideales Spa hot tubs.

ΒΡΑΒΕΙΟ HYDROPOOL GOLD 2014 - CopyThis distinction was awarded at the 35th Annual World Congress of the Canadian Hydropool – the largest Spa industry in the world – which was held in Toronto, Canada.  It is noteworthy that Ideales was distinguished among 350 Hydropool dealers worldwide!

Ideales Spa are hydrotherapy units (hot tubs) addressed both to hotels that know how to stand out themselves from their competitors, as well as to those of us who need our own unique rejuvenation and relaxation space at home.

20081106-IMG_7273Their advanced function is based on the creation of hot water, while water and air blow all over our body.  Under these ideal conditions, we improve our blood circulation and release harmful toxins. We can also use Hydrotherapy to increase our body’s flexibility, get rid of muscle pain, or / and combine it with an exercise program along with a healthy diet.

LADY IN SPA (5)Soaking in an Ideales Spa can drive away our fatigue and stress.  It helps us not only to feel, but also to look good.  Its use can provide us a revitalizing oasis from the stress of everyday life, as if we are taking mini vacations at home.  Of course, these are just some of the benefits of Hydrotherapy.

There are also some properties of Hydrotherapy in a spa which are not so well known:

  1. Relieves from headaches
  2. Frees breathing
  3. Relaxes feet
  4. Supplements recovery programs
  5. Relieves after sport activity

20081106-IMG_7093Obtaining an Ideales Spa, with its modern standards and proven benefits, is a guaranteed investment for a better life.  Visit one of Idealesstores to design your own anti-stress paradise.

Put an Ideales Spa into your life …it’s good for you!

+30 210 61 48 400

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