Fighting the Cervical Syndrome

CERVICAL SYNDROMEIt weighs on us at night. We feel it on us when we wake up to go to work and during our lunch break. It drags us down even on the weekends.  The pain in our necks makes us feel like we’re carrying a heavy load all the time.  It’s our computer…screen, keyboard, mouse and all.

BAD POSTUREThe pain in our neck is due to a condition called Cervical Syndrome, which in turn is caused by prolonged computer use, during working hours, while sitting incorrectly.  Men and women from the ages of 25 to 35 both develop it, and they claim that it feels as though they are permanently carrying a heavy load on their shoulders.  Thus, the carrying a computer (the cause of the problem) on your shoulders simile.

COMPUTER ON SHOULDERSThe treatment of the Cervical Syndrome condition entails physical therapy sessions and mild pharmaceutical action but most importantly, it calls for proper posture and relaxation at the end of a working day so as to relax the affected muscles.  This means that, if we do not take care of our own posture and if we do not consciously leave our computer at work, our Cervical Syndrome may never be cured.

One of the most effective methods for the prevention, relief or even the cure of neck pains is Hydrotherapy!

HYDROTHERAPYThe healing properties of the warm, pulsating water can relieve and remove the weight off our shoulders with just 15 minutes of relaxation per day.  According to numerous studies, the combination of warm water and the pressure from the jets, can relax out aching muscles and repair them. If we add to this our effort to improve our posture, the physical therapy sessions and the pharmaceutical action, then our Cervical Syndrome can become a thing of the past.

NO MORE ASPIRINBut of course, the benefits of Hydrotherapy do just not stop there.  By immersing daily into the warm embrace of of a spa, not only can we can avoid the reoccurrence of Cervical Syndrome symptoms, but we can be relieved of headaches, discard stress and many other modern day conditions while offering ourselves the ever so precious gift of wellbeing and ultimate mental and physical relaxation.

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Make Hydrotherapy a part of your life and let the warm water lift all the heavy loads off your shoulders …it’s good for you! 

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