5 Non – Alcoholic Cocktails to Enjoy them in the Spa

SERENITY (5)As we mentioned in a previous article (What Not To Do In Your Spa), alcohol consumption is not recommended in your spa or pool. So, prepare one – or all – of the following non-alcoholic cocktails, for endless delight with safety.

Beach Blanket
img_3424An innocent and incredibly cool combination of grapefruit and cranberry juice, taking off with soda.
Mix in a tall glass filled with crushed ice:

  • 1 part of grapefruit juice
  • 1 part of cranberry juice
  • 1 part of soda

Garnish with a slice of lime and serve with a straw.

Strawberry/Basil Delight
Strawberry_Basil_Mojito-2Refreshing combination of strawberries and basil, perfect for summer days and nights.
Put in a tall glass:

  • Juice of half lime,
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • A few basil leaves

Press them all together with a pestle. Then add:

  • Ice
  • 1 part of strawberry juice
  • 1 part of soda

Garnish with basil leaves and strawberries and serve without a straw.

Apple Spritzer
harvestappleThe most simple cocktail, yet the most enjoyable. It’s made in a few minutes and you can enjoy it for long.
Fill a glass with crushed ice and add:

  • 1 part of apple juice
  • 1 part of soda

Garnish with lime and apple slices and serve with a straw.

Banana Tropical Smoothie
mang4For this cocktail you will need a blender, but the result will make it worthwhile.
Put in the blender:

  • 1 banana
  • 125gr of yogurt
  • Some pineapple juiceMix and serve without a straw, with slices of banana and pineapple.

Ice Tea with Lemon and Honey
A classic beverage that looks wintery, but with some ice it gets transformed to the most refreshing drink.
Make a cup of white tea and add some honey. Let it cool down for a while and then put it in a glass filled with ice, adding very little soda.
Serve with mint leaves without a straw.

Just mix the ingredients and let
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