What’s the Right Shape of Pool for You?

What’s the Right Shape of Pool for You0So, you’ve thought about it and decided that, it’s time you put some pleasure in your everyday life by building your very own swimming pool. Congratulations! Your move not only will improve your quality of life but it will fill you with happiness.

However, while your decision might have been an easy one, deciding what shape to choose will probably put you in a dilemma. Do you need a classic, rectangular pool? Do you need a pool with curves or something entirely different? Firstly, you must know that, when it comes to the shape of your pool there is no limit to your imagination. If the space you have available is sufficient, then the shape of your dreams can become a reality. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you ask and listen to the experts. They know what works best for your space and with their help you will have a pool to enjoy and complement your property forever.

In any case, the basic rules regarding the shapes of pools are quite specific :

Rectangular PoolsWhat’s the Right Shape of Pool for You 1
It is the most popular shape of all because it can complement easily classic, modern, minimal or busy spaces. Also, it is a shape that can accommodate swimming and games without restricting you in the least. It is suitable for larger pieces of properties due to the fact that it is not a flexible shape and it needs space for its construction.

Geometrical PoolsWhat’s the Right Shape of Pool for You4
Geometrical pools are more suitable for modern homes and properties. A geometrical pool could be built on the perimeter of a building so as to complement its shape with strict lines and angles. They are ideal for gardens with minimal vegetation because they become centerpieces instantly and draw attention.

Curvy PoolsWhat’s the Right Shape of Pool for You 3
Curvy pools are ideal for gardens with softer lines and lush vegetation because they give the impression of a lake or a small oasis although that is not imperative. The most popular shape in this category is the “kidney” shape. However, the more complex or elaborate curvy designs are very impressive. Lastly, curvy pools are ideal for modern homes.

Lap PoolsWhat’s the Right Shape of Pool for You5
They are narrow and quite long pools built specifically for swimming. They are ideal if you wish to do all your training at home but they can also be used for relaxation and fun. They can accomodate yoy, your family and friends easily and provide countless hours of fun.

Combination Pools
They combine severe lines with curves and they are ideal if you wish to use them for all purposes such as swimming and relaxing.

You still haven’t made up your mind? Your appointment with an Ideales Professional is but a phone call away (210 61 48 400).  Let us make your decision to add pleasure in your life even more pleasurable…it’s good for you!

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