We Enjoy our Summer Sea Baths with Safety

Little girl on vacationThe summer is here for good and the heat drives us to the beaches and pools, to cool, to swim and have fun. However, in order to enjoy swimming and playing in the water, we always have to adhere to some basic rules.

  • woman in the seaThe most well-known rule is not to swim on a full stomach.  We have to wait for at least 2,5 to 3 hours from the time we ate or drank alcohol, so as not to dangerously stress our heart.
  • On the other hand, it is either not good to swim on an empty stomach, because we may become exhausted.  A light meal (toast, a fruit, etc.), will prevent this risk.
  • lady sunbathingWe do not swim when we don’t feel well or when we are tired.  With the slightest pain in the chest or head, as well as if we feel dizzy or nauseous, shaky or bruising of the lips, we must immediately get out of the sea.
  • We do nοt swim far from the coast, especially when we are not good swimmers.  In this case, the best solution is to swim parallel to the shore, staying within our depth.
  • People who suffer from serious diseases should ask for their doctor’s permission before starting sea baths.  Particularly careful should be those who are taking medications that affect blood pressure.
  • We always have our eyes on the children, whether they know swimming or not.  We stay alarm even if they are wearing a lifejacket or armbands.  Especially in this case, there is a danger for the child to be drifted away in the open sea by the wind or a stream.  Even the child’s play with a bucket next to the sea is dangerous, because in no time it can fall with the face in the water and drown even in 10 centimeters depth. Generally, we must always bear in mind that something bad can happen very fast …and silently.  Note that every adult should not be entrusted with the supervision of more than two children.
  • On unknown seas we swim carefully.  Many accidents are caused by diving in unfamiliar places or swimming in areas with steep deep water, currents, etc.
  • We avoid swimming in isolated and remote beaches, especially when there are no other people around who can help in time of need.
  • silhouette of friends jumping on beach in sunsetThe night bath may be romantic but it also has a dose of risk, because visibility is limited, while there is a danger of losing orientation.
  • After a long stay in the sun we avoid entering the cold sea by running, because the sudden temperature change troubles the body and can cause us discomfort.  We must gradually enter the sea, with slow movements, so as for our body to adjust to lower temperature.
  • If we catch a cramp, first of all we stay calm, breathing normally.  We stretch out the point of suffering and while moving slowly towards the coast.  If by any chance we cannot move, we lie down in the supine position with arms and legs apart and everything will go just fine.  In need, we shout for help.
  • lifeguardOn organized beaches we swim within the monitoring area that is bounded by red buoys, beyond which high speed vessels sail.
  • We always jump ashore when a red flag is raised by the lifeguard.  The red flag may mean that waves or currents have become dangerous, either that there is sea pollution or that there is some other hidden danger.
  • We do not swim in areas where there are warning signs (for polluted waters, sea currents, etc.).
  • In case of a thunderstorm we immediately get out of the sea, because there is a risk of electric shock (lightning often strikes water and water conducts electricity).
  • 04Especially in the pool:  We do not dive if we haven’t first check the depth and formation of the pool.  We do not hurry on the tread, leaving time for the previous one to dive.  We do not treat floating toys as lifesavers, because they aren’t.

Overconfidence in our abilities and particularly in our swimming skills often leads us to dangerous excesses.  Let us know our limits on swimming and respect them.

Enjoy the summer while respecting the rules of safe swimming …it’s good for you!

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