The Art in Swimming Pools

ERIC ZENER1We’ve discovered 4 ideales themed paintings and we couldn’t help but share them with you. Enjoy.

Eric ZenerEverything started when we first saw the hyperrealist Eric Zener’s work, whose paintings look like pictures. Girls relaxing, dives and happy swimmers over a beautiful, crystal swimming pool backdrop. We loved him immediately and so we decided to look for more ideales artists.

Carol BennettOur second discovery was the American painter Carol Benett. She comes from Hawaii and her paintings have been characterized as “poetic escapes from every-day life”. Her main themes are swimmers under water and her paintings manage to emit a sense of calmness, almost like they stop time, just like it happens when we go swimming.

DAVID HOCKNEYNext we –belatedly- met the great David Hockney who is considered to be the most important British painter of the 20th century and whose paintings belong to private collections and galleries and his exhibitions have been hosted by some of the most respected galleries in the world. His most famous work is the painting named “A bigger Splash” and it depicts the exact moment after a dive in a swimming pool. Swimming pools however, have provided him with inspiration for numerous other works.

Ana Tereza FernandezLastly, we learned about the Mexican painter Ana Tereza Fernandez and her collection “Ablution”, that revolves around women in swimming pools, inspired us. Through her paintings, Fernandez uses water as a medium for cleansing, spirituality and power in her attempt to speak about women’s role in society today.

Do you know of any more ideales artists? If som why not make your suggestions and we can all create another article filled with art and beauty but most of all the most beautiful of all the elements, water.

In the meantime, continue your search in the art world …it’s good for you!

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