Swinging Pools for Dives in the Sky

MARINA BAY SANDS HOTEL SINGAPORE 4 For those looking for exciting destinations and unique images, Singapore is the appropriate one not only for its natural beauties but also for its breathtaking super-constructions:

  • SKY HABITAT SINGAPORE 2If unique experiences are your purpose in this life, then you should definitely need to invest in buying an apartment in «Sky Habitat Singapore», a complex of 509 luxury residences on the twin towers of Singapore.
    SKY HABITAT SINGAPORE 1Each apartment has a large garden in the balcony of the unobstructed view is guaranteed. Anyone sitting on the sofa in front of the doors leads of his living room, can only see the trees, the sky and nothing else! Moreover, the tenants of the apartments are able to communicate with their «opposite» neighbors via pedestrian bridges that link the towers.
    SKY HABITAT SINGAPOREAnd the icing on the cake?  An olympic-size infinity pool, which joins the peaks of the twin towers and basically hovers around 38 floors above the land surface, thus offering the most «high» dives to the fortunate tenants.
    (Photos Sky Habitat Singapore)

  • MARINA BAY SANDS HOTEL SINGAPORE AERIAL VIEW 6And if staying permanently in this complex may sound like a «midsummer night’s dream», but however you would like to feel even for once the unique feeling of freedom of a dive in a watery paradise hanging between heaven and earth, then we have the ideal destination for you: The endless pool of the five-star hotel «Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore» situated 55 floors (191 meters) above the ground, 150 meters long, 1.424 cubic meters of water storage capacity.
    MARINA BAY SANDS HOTEL SINGAPORE 5The view from the pool towards the port of Singapore is breathtaking, as though water touches the sky and poured downwards the skyscrapers. No doubt, a destination that is definitely in the top 10 of every «sophisticated» traveler!(Photos Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore)

If you ever happen to be in any of these unique pools, enjoy the heavenly dives because …it’s good for you!



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