Secrets for Delightful Dives & Lolling at the Pool

JUMPINGIn order to enjoy a wonderful day full of diving and sunbathing in a cool pool, you don’t have to get in any trouble; you just need to use …the right means! Ideales suggests 10 tested tips that will take off your experience and will make you look forward to your next visit :

1. DOGSYou love your pet and you don’t want to leave it behind. Besides, it is such a cute little face… But you might annoy some people that are not particularly animal lovers, so you should better avoid taking it with you at the pool.

2. TOYSWhen little kids go to the beach, they carry along their whole house (buckets, scoops, inflatable, mattress, etc.), because they don’t want to miss anything from their toys. But perhaps all these toys are too many and inappropriate for a pool. Then again, you know better: unless it’s not a playground pool, secretly remove those extra from the bag while whistling indifferently.

3. MP3Would you care to play loud your music whenever, wherever? There are specially designed waterproof mp3 and mp4 players, which can even float or dive with you without any problem, while enjoying your swimming in the pool. They also provide discretion, as you don’t bother anyone.

4. CANNON BALL JUMPWho does not long for a “cannon ball jump”? Nevertheless, if all the other swimmers are not in our group of friends, they just might not share our desire. (Well, one cannon ball jump is allowed!)

5. ShowerA cool shower before entering the pool, refreshes and revitalizes and not just that: it also protects us and the other swimmers from bacteria, as it helps in the balance of the pH of the pool water.

6. SUNSCREENGet a safe tan using lotion or emulsion that leave no oily residues in the pool water. The feel of the water remains silky on your skin and you glow full of health and beauty.

7. The floor around the pool is often quite slippery, due to the water that inevitably splashes out and accidents may occur for no reason, so we should better not running around it.

8. It is advisable to avoid moving around barefoot because fungi “move around” too and trust us, they are not friends!

9. If we don’t want to seduce the lifeguard trying to attract his / her attention, we do not swim on a full stomach.

10. DRUNKAlcohol combined with sun, makes us dizzy and spoils our good mood. So, it’s better to prefer a refreshing juice, an iced tea or a coffee rather than alcohol. If you eventually give in, prefer sunbathing rather than swimming and even perhaps a relaxing nap in the sun lounger… tomorrow is a new day!

Relax and enjoy every minute inside, next to or by a crystal clear pool …it’s good for you!

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