Opening your Pool: Essential Preparations for Dives in Crystal Waters

The weather has warmed up and you are eager to open your pool so as to start enjoying unique moments of aquatic pleasure?  Below you will find step by step instructions to do your pool’s opening easily, quickly and safely.

If your pool has been closed all winter, it is reasonable that it needs a certain treatment before you start enjoying it.  If the water in your pool is extremely dirty and contaminated, then the first thing you should do is emptying it.  To do this, use the main drain at the bottom of your pool or a submersible pump.  If water is not so dirty but has rubbish, such as leaves or twigs, then remove them with a cleaning pool net and continue, following these steps.

Step 1  –  Necessary equipment

Before starting the procedure, make sure you have all the necessary equipment: Automatic or manual pool cleaner, cleaning brush, stick, net, clean filters, pool chemicals and a test kit for testing the chemical balance of your pool water.

Step 2  –  Cleaning the winter cover

If you had a cover to protect your pool, the first thing to do is to remove leaves and dirt upon it, using a broom and then remove the cover.  Wash it with a mild detergent, rinse well with water and let it dry before storing it.

Step 3    Filling the pool

Fill the pool with water in order to raise the water level to the right level.

Step 4 –  Checking of the electromechanical equipment

Check the condition of your pool’s filter/filters.  Make sure you have serviced your filtration pump/pumps.  The service of pool pumps should be done every 2-3 years, depending on the usage of the pool.  Start operating your pool and let the pump/pumps in continuous operation for at least 24 hours.

Step 5  –  Initial cleaning with net and manual broom or automatic pool cleaner

Collect whatever floats in your pool water with a net and then use your manual cleaner or one of Ideales’ advanced automatic pool cleaners for the bottom of your pool.


Step 6  –  Cleaning the walls and bottom

Scrub carefully with a cleaning brush the walls and bottom of your pool in order to remove dirt that may have accumulated there.  

Step 7  –  Checking the water balance

Check the pH and chlorine level of your pool’s water and proceed in the appropriate settings.  Firstly, adjust the pH level and add chlorine shock.  One day after the shock chlorination, add 1 lt algaecide per 100m3 (instead of 0,5 you usually add).  With Ideales Digital pH Meter, you can precisely check the pH of the water and properly adjust its chemical balance.  Select Ideales guaranteed Disinfection Pool Chemicals, Easy Pool Care® & Shiny Clean Pool® for perfectly healthy and crystal clear water, at the lowest prices of the market.

Step 8  –  Filter check

Because the pool can be quite dirty, frequently check the filter/filters during the first hours of operation, in case they need to be cleaned again.

Step 9  –  Final check

You may find all the above steps tiring, however, they are necessary so as to safely enjoy your pool throughout the summer.  Make one last check on the pH and chlorine level of the water and your pool is ready to enjoy it!

You need more help?  We are always here for you!

Call Ideales’ Customer Care department for more information and instructions about your pool’s opening procedure or for anything relevant you might want to ask… it’s good for you!

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