Lush Green Garden? Blue suits it great!

PISCINES IDEALES (1)Having a Piscines Ideales in the garden or the terrace, regardless of the location of the house, can turn the whole scenery to even more special and much more alluring for relaxation and pleasure. PISCINES IDEALES (8)
At the same time, the proper design of the garden, the choice of suitable plants combined to your pool and the other decorative elements, can compose a “unique” setting for your personal retreat from the city life routine.

The size of the garden does not matter, as nowadays the landscaping is mainly based on the small space that is available to every house for creating a private garden, while the surrounding area is utilized in the best possible way.

PISCINES IDEALES (11)The choice of the plants, while designing a garden with a pool, is very important and concerns both its aesthetics and its functionality. Ideales suggests that you choose the most convenient and resistant plants, that place the fewer demands on maintenance and watering. Consider the climatic conditions (rainfall, sunshine, wind), but also the special conditions of your space (if it is wide open, in which parts there is more sun, the quality of the available soil, the levels, the inclinations etc.). The plants you choose should match the aquatic element and highlight it, as well as they should not shed their leaves and fruits. So are usually selected evergreen plants and evergreen trees, not fruitful, with thick leafage, in order to provide thermal insulation (cool in summer), soundproofing and privacy in the garden. E.g. Cypresses, Apollo Laurels, Viburnum Lousidoum, Elaiagnos, Oleander, Arbutus, Lavender, Sage, Angelica, Bamboo, Periwinkle etc.

PISCINES IDEALES 8Plant in groups of the same species, preferably with the same color, to facilitate maintenance and watering and succeed a perfect aesthetic result. Another important principle in the design of the garden around your Piscines Ideales, is to leave as much possible free space, in order to keep your pool crystal clear and also available room to move around it comfortably.

This way, you can compose an exceptional environment around your Piscines Ideales, highlighting its uniqueness and beautifying your living space, while creating an oasis of refreshment and pleasure that is …good for you!

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