Is there an Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool?

Ideales gives you the possibility of enhanced quality of life, puts you in a better mood and well being, without wasting valuable resources!

With the unique Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® technology, which has replaced technologies of the past, you can enjoy the pool of your dreams with respect to the environment, while saving money.

Saving water, energy and money during the construction and during the pools’ every day use, makes every Piscines Ideales | the eco pool®, the only -certified- eco friendly swimming pool worldwide.

Its technology has been awarded the Eco-profile, thanks to its cutting edge technology.  It has been awarded green product by the European Commission and the PASEPPE, within the institution “Awards for the Environment”.  Moreover, it has been awarded by the ACCI, under the project Think Green.

Every Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® assures you of :

  • Environmentally  friendly construction and operation
  • Less water and energy use
  • Fewer interventions to the environment
  • Minimal use of pool disinfection products
  • Fewer maintenance costs
  • And off course more enjoyment and relaxation

Our priority is the maximum enjoyment and good health of every pool owner.  Our goal is to offer quality, environmentally friendly products that enhance your life, without wasting valuable resources.  We love, care and protect the environment because …it’s good for you!

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