Is it Possible to Build a Pool Without Construction Permit?

You want her so much, but you get stuck on the paperwork…  The letter of the law was until recently quite demanding, but now some changes have opened the way to make your dream come true!

Your first step before starting any construction work concerning your swimming pool is getting a construction permit by the Urban Planning Committee.  The very good news is that for the construction of a compact swimming pool up to 50m2 no such permission is required, but only a small-scale work approval.  The procedure to get this approval is simple and economical and the cost ranges from 300-500 euros, depending on the agreement with the engineer who will issue it.

But which pools are considered as compact pools?  The specifications to be met so as to qualify a pool as compact and therefore to solely require the issue of a small-scale work approval (see Official Government Gazette ΦΕΚ 2605, 15-10-2013), are the following:

  • The total surface of the pool should not exceed 50m2.
  • The pool must have compact filtration equipment for the circulation of the water (instead of the conventional engine room).
  • No wall construction of reinforced concrete should be required.
  • The height of all relevant structures must at no point exceed 1 meter from ground level.

Moreover, for the issue of the small-scale work approval, the engineer will have to make a written statement for taking the responsibility of the pool’s static and electromechanical safety, while a static pool design or a structural integrity certification of the pool will also be needed, as well as the electromechanical study of the pool and a copy of the topographic plan of the building permit if any.

It is worth noting that for the construction of a conventional pool of the same size to a compact, the cost of the permit issued by the Urban Planning Committee, is really high, ranging from 2.000 up to 4.000 €, while the cost of required wages doubles.

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