Ideales Group on Constant Rise

The 100% greek Ideales Group continues its constant rising, showing impressive financial results this year.  Despite the unfavorable economic climate, all three companies of the Group (Piscines Ideales, Ideales Constructions and Ideales Resort) recorded remarkably improved financial results.

During the 10 months period of January-October 2016, Piscines Ideales turnover showed a +15,2% increase compared to the corresponding period last year.  During the same period, Ideales Constructions turnover showed a +23% increase compared to the corresponding period in 2015.  Furthermore, for the season 2016 Ideales Resort attained 21,7% higher turnover, compared to the last season.

Ideales is a distinguished company in the pool and spa industry both in Greece and worldwide. Thanks to its leading position in the greek market, Ideales has achieved exceptional collaborations exclusively with leading companies throughout the world, bringing to Greece products of high quality and technology, at unbeatable prices. It also has remarkable expertise and decades of experience, ingredients that guarantee every Customer that his money won’t go down the drain.

Ideales is the only company with dozens of awards and certifications for the quality of its working environment, the customer service it offers, the reliability of its products and services, etc., but is also the only one in the world with multiple distinctions regarding the ecological profile of its products.

We want each Customer who chooses our products, to be completely satisfied both by the product and by our distinguished Ideales Customer Care services, which is another ace up our sleeve and a benchmark for Ideales.

All the above show that – despite the economic crisis – the market acknowledges Ideales’ reliability and quality and reward it with its preference, further strengthening the company’s leading position.

The hard part is not only to reach the top, because it’s even harder to stay there… This is why we all in Ideales will continue to invest in innovation, as well as to excellent service, so as to be always able to offer to every one of you what’s best in the market.

We thank you for honoring and trusting us!

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