How Much does a Swimming Pool Cost

PISCINES IDEALES_INOX STEPA few decades ago, pools were “heavy” structures with complex engine rooms, costly in construction, operation and maintenance, therefore, they were “privilege” of few and very wealthy people.

LOGGAS_PISCINES IDEALESIn 1991 Ideales brought a major overturn in the pool field, both in terms of reliability, quality, the way and time of construction, as well as the cost, making the pool affordable to the average person, but also to the professional in the tourism field.

Nowadays, Ideales has come to grace houses, cottages and business facilities with over 11.000 Piscines Ideales pools, while it has renovated hundreds of conventional pools to its modern standards.

Nice and interesting all this one could say, but the first question of someone who is interested in having a pool is usually “how much does a pool cost, what is the cost of a pool”.

PISCINES IDEALES_2Obviously the cost of the pool is the most important factor for someone to proceed to the next step. Answering this question requires the knowledge of an experienced and reliable professional who will take into consideration all the special needs of each interested person and will additionally write down all parameters that affect the cost of a swimming pool.  So in the end, he will properly advise the person concerned to his long-term interest and not for the benefit of the company or his own pocket (just to take the job no matter what).

Parameters that determine the cost of a pool that is beautiful, durable and provides healthy water is the preference in pool linings, the filtering technology that is needed depending on conditions and use, the shape of the pool, the size, depth, the electromechanical equipment of the pool, the size and type of a built step, the water disinfection method, heating of the water, cleaning accessories, etc. Not to forget … the budget for sure 🙂

PISCINES IDEALES 1_CRETESo, first there is a discussion with the person interested and then the final price of the pool is set.  Otherwise nobody ever chose “pig in a poke”!  The interested person should receive a very detailed offer, without the “small” letters or grey areas often encountered in an offer.

PISCINES IDEALES_3As most of us do not know much about swimming pools, such as building materials, qualities and durability in time, ambiguous formalities, who uses Chinese products and baptizes them as European, who uses materials of poor quality that cause problems, who hides costs, etc., it is essential that the offers and contracts are written down in detail and everything is completely clarified.  Every day we see with our own eyes many malpractices and if the person interested chooses the wrong company, the pool will be there with its various problems, with thousands of euros thrown away and a long way to go with the courts…

However, in order to give an answer to the question how much does a swimming pool cost, we could say that a swimming pool of 4 x 8 meters, which is beautiful, durable and provides healthy water can cost from 13.000 up to 35.000 euro.  And of course it can cost less and thus throw our money in an “outdoor tub” or in a “gaudy strainer“, but it can also cost much more, where we say that the nice pool is the pool of our buddy …something like the yacht!

PISCINES IDEALES ΜΕ ΚΑΤΑΡΡΑΚΤΗBesides the construction’s quality, another area for a candidate pool owner to search for is the subsequent pool cleaning cost and ease of pool’s maintenance. The news is very good in this area too, because thanks to the advanced materials, the highly improved filtration systems and the innovative cleaning products of Piscines Ideales, the maintenance cost is the lowest possible.

Nevertheless there are still many companies in Greece that in order to make the sale, they sell to the interested buyer technologies of past decades.  In these technologies maintenance costs are extremely high, the cleaning time is quite long, the cleaning procedure is hard and the consumable parts of the pool are of so poor quality that they need frequent replacement.  This means that the pool not only costs more than the initial “investment”, but it costs and costs and will keep costing you…

PISCINES IDEALES_4In Ideales we want every man who chooses us to be happy with his choice and to swim in crystal waters and not running to solve problems.  We have found ways and solutions to reduce cost at all levels, without making concessions to quality and reliability of our products and services, while we care so as the pool to be as less “trouble” as possible and easy to maintain.

It is a fact that with your own Piscines Ideales – the eco pool® you will have by far the lowest consumption of water, electricity, chemicals and furthermore you will not waste your day on time-consuming, difficult and impractical cleanings.

Indicatively, a Piscines Ideales – the eco pool® of 4 X 8 m saves, compared with a conventional pool, as much energy as a family of four consumes for 4 years, while it vertically reduces the air pollution.  All the above characteristics have established Piscines Ideales as the only certified environmentally friendly pool in the world!  Read more here.

PISCINES IDEALES_5The pool is a very serious investment whether you are an individual or a professional. You want the money you spend to worth the price and the result to meet your requirements and fully satisfy your needs.  You want to swim instead of running!

Ideales, with many years of experience, knowledge and specialization, has everything you need to daily enjoy your precious pool and make the good life reality!

Choose Piscines Ideales and change your way of life …it’s good for you!

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