Go Swimming ….It’s Good for You!

A “couch potato” life is the greatest epidemic of all time. The percentage of people who lead a sedentary life is moving at 60-85% depending on the country. According to data from the European Union, 66% of Europeans do not exercise one iota.

The sedentary life style affects many organs and systems and is a real illness, and is perhaps the most important element for an unhealthy lifestyle.

The result of this lifestyle is the reduced physical capacity and endurance. Not only predisposes to diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, but it seems to accelerate the very process of aging – people who exercise are genetically younger as much as ten years. Yet it has been found to increase the risk to 300% in groups such as hypertensive, heart patients, diabetics or smokers, compared with people who have the same problems but exercise.

In contrast, exercise contributes significantly to both prevention and dealing with problems such as hypertension, smoking, obesity, stress. We all know that exercise is a little better than no exercise at all.

Carol BennettExercising  must become a way of life, to gain the many benefits that it promises, and well as more years of life, preventing the development of risk factors, prevention and cure of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, heart failure, the musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, etc.

The best exercise for all ages is none other than … swimming! This is because both the buoyancy of the water prevents the creation of vibration and secondly, the water prevents fluctuations of body temperature, pulse rate or blood pressure. What more could one ask combining useful exercise and enjoyment, away from the chair in the office.

Particularly important is exercise for children. It is the most important factor in the harmonious physical and mental development of children; it helps to improve and maintain good health, but also to improve intellectual and psychological skills.  Yet it is perhaps the only outlet for disengagement from the harmful effects of the current way of life.

Especially in the case of swimming, the children can combine exercise with water games with friends, which contribute significantly to their socialization. The habits acquired through this healthy occupation, guarantee the creation of positive experiences that will accompany them and protect them throughout their lives.

Go for a swim….it’s good for you. 

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