Diving With Safety

pool_img1Whether we are talking about a swimming pool or swimming in the sea there are certain points which we need to be careful off to have peace of mind:

  • Do not enter the water on a full stomach. It is necessary to wait at least three (3) hours between the last meal and time we go swimming.
  • If you want to swim for a long period, you should not eat at all, so your body has the energy required to swim.
  • Swim responsibly. Don’t drink and dive. Swimming diving and drinking do not mix.
  • We sunbathe responsibly, to avoid sunstroke, burns, etc. Ideally you should avoid the sun between 10:00-15:00, but because that is sometimes unavoidable, always wear sunscreen with high SPF.
  • We exit the water immediately if we experience chills or dizziness, we lie down, drink plenty of fluids and if necessary ask for medical advice or help.
  • We use sun block lotion, not oil, to protect our seas and not to pollute the waters of the swimming pool or spa.
  • At the beach we stay close to shore and never swim unless there are other people around us or moving boats.
  • We do not panic in case of a cramp. We stay relaxed in the water and ask for help.
  • Avoid diving in areas which we do not know the depth of the water or hidden dangers.
  • In communal pools check if the water is crystal clear, with no bad smells and no foaming.
  • Do not run around the pool, because of the slippery surface, there are great possibilities for accidents to occur.
  • We care about our health and for the health of other swimmers, so  please take a shower before entering a pool or spa.

As you can see, safety does not require too much effort. Just a few simple tips help us enjoy the sun and water without worry … is good for all of us!

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