Aqua Yoga?

AQUA YOGAWe all know yoga as a form of ground exercise. While searching for new ideas that help us take full advantage of all the benefits a swimming pool or the beach provide we read about one of the most widespread types of yoga worldwide: Αqua Yoga!

aqua-yogaWhat did we discover? With Aqua Yoga we protect ourselves from injuries because buoyancy in the water makes performing the exercises much easier while simultaneously the resistance of the water is perfect for muscle toning. Aqua Yoga helps our  blood circulation , better functioning of our respiratory and digestive Systems and is certainly the answer to migraines and stress release. Want to try it together?

Instructions for 4 simple yoga exercises with promising results performed either in a swimming pool or at the beach.
Execution of the exercise requires that you are in the water waist high and in an upright position.

The half pole stance
Inhale and lift your leg to your chest. Bring your arm of the same side through and grab your big toe with two fingers from your hand.
While breathing straighten your spinal cord and lower your shoulders.
Extend your leg forward as far as you can and keep this position for at least three breaths.
Repeat the same with your other leg.
This exercise focuses on your legs and your back it tones your inner organs  and increases your alertness.

The tied hands warrior stance
AQUA YOGAStep back and create an opening larger than width of your shoulders. Raise your front leg to the wall. Bend you knee with your toes straight while turning your
Back leg to a  45° angle for three breaths. Repeat with your other leg for 3 more deep breaths. The warrior stance strengthens your thighs and “opens” your chest and lungs.
It’s also great for back problems.

The eagle stance
Raise your right leg cross over left knee and wrap the front part of the right leg to yourhe left shank. Bend your support leg so you can stabilize the other. Lower your buttocks so your left knee bends further.
This balancing stance helps your ankles, relaxes your shoulders while improving the blood circulation of your limbs.

The dancer stance 
AQUA YOGA 2Bend one leg backwards keeping your body in an upright position and focus on a steady Object. With your hand of the same side hold the sole of your foot while keeping the other hand extended forward.
The stance of the dancer increases the elasticity of your spine strengthens your legs and tones your internal organs.

Now you know how to become a warrior with an eagle eye that dances upright!

What do you think, will you try  Aqua Yoga? …It’s good for you.

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