A Shield for our Health

The best shield for our health is swimming which certainly has so much to offer :

-> It is a guarantee for better health, energy, happiness and wellbeing, as it enhances our well-being through sports and socializing.

-> After intense exercise, swimming is a recommended for rehabilitation.

-> Swimming relieves arthritic aches, joint and muscular pains.

-> It is the best exercise for all ages, and ideal for those who may not work out either because of injury, either due to chronic diseases or age.

-> It is a complete full body exercise and the buoyancy of water reduces the heavy loads, therefore it is the ideal exercise for people with disabilities.

-> Builds a healthy heart through fitness, helps to maintain a stable weight without crash diets and burns calories in minimal time within the comfort and coolness of a pool or the sea.

-> In a pool or the sea we have the options of hydro-exercises, such as Aqua Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Fitness and sports like polo.

-> Swimming offers longevity, as a recent academic study by Dr. Steven Blair (researcher at the University of South Carolina School of Public Arnold), and can reduce the risk of death in men by half compared with running, walking and not exercising at all.

-> Further, swimming by releasing stress and tension facilitates and improves our sleep.

-> It is the best alternative to a sedentary life which is the greatest epidemic of all time.

-> Finally, a recent study by the University of Medicine and Biosciences Kansas City, showed that women during pregnancy that did even moderate aerobic exercise (like swimming) at least 3 times a week, gave the fetus the benefit of positive spill over exercise, i.e. significantly lower heart rate and cardiac muscle that can withstand more physical fatigue, something that did not happen with the fetuses of pregnant women “couch potatoes”.

So go ahead then …SWIM, for you and for a better future …it’s good for you!


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