5 Myths about Swimming Pools

GIFT OF HEALTH AND WELL BEINGIt’s expensive.  It’s troublesome.  It consumes too much energy   What is it??  Definitely NOT a swimming pool.

Lately, much has been said about swimming pools and, since we are the Pool People, we decided to set the record straight regarding 5 myths about swimming pools so as to reveal the truth about this genuine gift to our health and well being. Here we go…

Myth : Swimming pools are very expensiveSAVING MONEY
Reality : For quite a few years now, the prices of swimming pools have decreased geometrically comparing to the ancient and costly solution of the past. In fact, a swimming pool for a private residence may cost as much as a medium sized car. Also, with a swimming pool you save a lot from things such as vacations, sports and entertainment. Now then you know that, if you have the space, your swimming pool will be much less expensive than you thought.

Myth: Pool maintenance is expensive and time consuming.
Reality: Cleaning and maintaining a pool with Piscines Ideales innovative materials and advanced filtration systems, is neither expensive or demanding time wise. Your Piscines Ideales has revolutionary equipment that no other company could ever offer you. With 120.000 swimming pools in every corner of the world, you can rest assured that your Piscines Ideales will have the lowest demand for water, power and chemicals by far but most importantly it will not waste your precious time!

TIf however, you want the act of cleaning your swimming pool to turn into a game, and you to forget all about it then you’ll need to purchase the Pool Boy, the almighty swimming pool cleansing robot. All you have to do is just throw it in the water of your swimming pool  and it will take care of all the …dirty work for you 🙂

Myth:  Swimming pools pollute the environment
Reality: There are all kinds of swimming pools. But there are no swimming pools like Piscines Ideales because they are the only ones that preserve natural resources, energy, chemicals and money better than any other swimming pool construction. For example, a 4 x 8 swimming pool made using the Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® technology can save, compared to a conventional pool, as much energy a family of four would spend in 4 years while dramatically reducing atmospheric pollution!! For that, and many other reasons, it is the only, certified environmentally friendly swimming pool in the world

Myth: The construction takes months
Reality: It depends on what kind of swimming pool you are building. With the unique Piscines Ideales technology, the construction of your pool would not take more than 15 days and the best part is that it would not be pre-constructed! The only factors that could slow down the completion of the swimming pools are the weather and the development of the surrounding space.

SAFETY FIRSTMyth: Many accidents happen in and around swimming pools
Reality: According to the CDC, if you are using your swimming pool by diving after consuming food and drinks and if you leave children unattended, then thee are chances of accidents occurring but fewer compared to the chances of accidents while operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. If you are a responsible pool owner, the chances of you having an accident are slight to none. Just in case you need some extra protection however, you can always equip your swimming pool with advanced safety products such as the D-Fence® fence or one of the protective Ideales Covers®.

Myths are entertaining, but reality …is good for you!

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