World’s Strange Facts!

ΚΟΣΜΟΣHow well do you know the world we live in?  Here is a chance to test and enrich your knowledge with interesting facts from various corners of our planet.  Let’s begin!

  • ΣΙΒΗΡΙΑIn Siberia, there is about 25% of the world’s forests, making Russia the country with the largest oxygen production in the world.
  • The country with proportionately more overweight people is Nauru (Southern Pacific): 95% of the population of this small island is overweight.  Also Nauru is the smallest independent republic in the world in terms of population and area, with just 14.019 inhabitants (2007 census) and a total area of 21 km2.
  • The largest city-state in the world is Singapore.
  • ΚΑΝΑΔΑΣ 1The country with the largest number of lakes is Canada: more than 3 million lakes (i.e. 60% of all lakes worldwide) cover 9% of the Canadian land.
  • The most arid country is Libya. 99% of its territory is covered by desert, while in some areas it has not rained for decades…
  • The country with the largest number of people behind bars is the United States, with about 2,2 million prisoners. In the second place is Russia and China in the third.
  • The only country in the world with coral …streets is Guam. Lack of natural sand resulted in asphalt made from corals and oil.
  • ΦΟΚΛΑΝΤThe country with the highest number per capita in sheep is the Falkland Islands: 000 sheep for only 3.000 inhabitants!  It is thus natural for the wool export to be their main source of income.
  • Afghanistan is the country with the largest production of opium (95% of world production).
  • The least peaceful country in the world is Somalia. Somalis are in a constant state of war and revolution, due to the fact that Somalia is a very poor country and food is not adequate for the whole population.
  • MongoliaThe most sparsely populated country is Mongolia. The population density of Mongolia is only 4 persons / 1,5 km2, when in Hong Kong the corresponding proportion is 340.000 inhabitants / 1,5 km2!
  • The country with the youngest population in the world is Niger. About half the population is under 15 years.
  • The country with the more and different languages is Papua New Guinea, where 838 different languages are spoken!!!
  • ΙΝΔΙΑ 1The most diverse country in the world is India. Cultural, economic, climatic, racial, linguistic, ethnic and religious communities make India the country with the most disparate elements in the world.

Improve your knowledge about the world around us …it’s good for you!

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