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x-tinacomp (Αντιγραφή)A luxurious villa at Ideales Resort could be your base in order to explore the unique beauties, the crystal beaches, the phenomena and the traditions of the amazing island of Kefalonia for free. Read how…

WIN A FREE STAY AT VILLA XTENIIt wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that the island of Kefalonia combines everything. In Kefalonia, the wild beauty of Mount Ainos –one of the 10 national reserves of Greece- with the black pine is in perfect harmony with the almost tropical beauty of the blue waters. Picturesque villages, alleys filled with life, unique geological phenomena, tastes, images, sights and scents …in Kefalonia relaxation, adventures and mysteries are behind every corner and the best way to enjoy them is to make Ideales Resort your base.

WIN A FREE STAY IN KEFALONIAHaving your relaxation as a goal and wanting to create unforgettable memories for you, the 11 luxurious villas of Ideales Resort can become your sanctuary from everyday life and wrap you inside their refined beauty while making you feel right at home. The inly thing you have to do is enter the Ultimate Ideales Resort Competition in facebook where one lucky winner could win a week of total relaxation at villa Xteni for FREE.

FREE STAY AT IDEALES RESORTJust click on and enter following the instructions. The draw for the winner will be done live on on 27/3/2013 at 16:00.

Enter now and win your free stay in Paradise …it’s good for you!

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