Why is sunscreen essential?

11550290-straw-beach-bag-blue-towel-sunscreen-with-water-drops-and-starfish-isolated-on-whiteScientists never stop drawing our attention to the fact that we’re not allowed to go out in the sun without sunscreen protection. Many of us, however, systematically neglect it. So, it’s time to remind you why sunscreen is so important in our everyday life.

DES (11)Sunlight, as pleasurable as it seems to be while caressing us by the pool, is in fact damaging for our skin and health. In fact, excessive sun exposure without protection results in premature aging of the skin or in the appearance of freckles. But you shouldn’t worry, because with plenty of sunscreen you can be safe and enjoy sunbathing and swimming in your pool without any fear.

Burning is a result of the ultraviolet lights UVA and UVB. They are responsible for redness and peeling of your skin. The job of sunscreens is to block this bad radiation in order to protect your skin. So if you want to safely enjoy the sun and not to spend your days in the shade, then sunscreen should be your best friend not only during summer time but throughout the year.

skd276258sdcYou see, sunscreens contain SPF protection varying from minimum values ​​as to excessively high ones. The higher SPF you choose the more protected you are, but beware: with one unique application you cannot have results. Sunscreen needs to be frequently reapplied in order to constantly protect you and of course, it should be applied everywhere. Some spots that we often forget is the hairline, the hands, the spot behind the ears, the feet and in men … the head (if there is hair loss).

2441385282_99fb85f501_bIn order to solve this question once and for all, we must inform you that you can get a beautiful tan even if you use sunscreen. In fact, tanning is more even, deeper, safer and it will last longer. So, no more excuses use sunscreen NOW!

In order to enjoy your
Piscines Ideales and the sun every day, all day long, without any fear, the recipe for success is simple:  use sunscreen because … it’s good for you! 

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