Who are the Knights of Kindness?

5A wise greek proverb says “Do the good and throw it to the seashore” (i.e. do a good deed and forget about it).

November 13th is the World’s Kindness Day, the day which reminds us that we can make the world around us a little better, if we are more noble in our everyday life and by doing simple acts of kindness for our fellow man, the society, the animals and the environment.  Acts that can often be quite inexpensive, but brighten our soul, enhance our mood and boost our confidence.


A research team from the University of British Columbia commissioned in people with high anxiety levels to do good deeds and help their fellowmen 6 times a week.  Simple acts of kindness, such as to keep the door open and let somebody pass, to help in housework, to participate in charitable activities and blood donation were in the list of requested acts by the scientists.  The researchers found that there are significant benefits from the generosity and offering to our fellow man, since these acts lead to a significant increase in positive mood of the people who have made them.

20The last years here in Greece we live in very difficult times.  Every day we hear bad news and we see around us or we live ourselves the effects of the prolonged economic crisis in our country, that has changed greatly our way of living as well as our thinking.  Our psychology finds no reason for improvement, but we should resist to all this negative environment.  By adopting from today the model of politeness and kindness to those around us, we will certainly feel much better, because ultimately emotions have greater value and importance in our lives than any material goods.

15So what can we do to brighten our day through our good wiill for offering?  Let’s take some ideas:

  • The most simple and inexpensive… to say a sweet good morning to the neighbour!
  • To donate clothes that are useless to us but can be very useful to people in need.
  • To participate in a voluntary action or to become members of an NGO.
  • To give our turn at the supermarket or our seat on the bus to an older person or a pregnant woman.
  • 26To become blood donors, donors of bone marrow or organs.
  • Babysitting the child of a relative or friend.
  • Be polite while driving by giving priority or just smile to someone who does it for us.
  • To make a gift to a loved one, without any special reason!
  • To prepare a package with various things (food, clothes, medicines, etc.) and donate it to a charity organisation or to a family in need.
  • 19To talk to a lonely person we meet in the park where we go for our stroll.
  • To help an elderly person with his shopping, by lightening the weight from his hands.
  • To open a door to a fellow man.
  • To donate a book in a school.
  • To offer a treat to the neighbour, the colleague, a homeless man.

9Spontaneous gestures, everyday acts that give a good example, not only make us better people but also create a feeling of fullness, that we can offer and help our fellow man. Something we all need in the difficult days we live!  And as Aesop said “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.

Put back into your daily routine politeness and kindness …it’s good for you!

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