What to Do in Order to Prevent Lack of Water

Water is the most precious good that nature offers us.  However, only 2,5% of global water resources are fresh and most of it is trapped in glaciers and underground.  Eventually, the water that is actually available to humans is minimal (just 1%)!

The numbers globally, according to the WWF, are alarming:

  • 1/6 of global population, i.e. more than 1 billion people, have no access to water sources
  • 1,1 billion people drink water from unsafe sources
  • 2,5 billion are in lack of even the most basic sanitation conditions
  • Approximately one in five children worldwide, are deprived of even the minimum amount of clean water they need to live
  • More than 5 million people die from waterborne diseases each year, 10 times the number killed in wars annually
  • In 30 years, due to population growth, another 2,1 billion people are estimated to face problems of water shortage.

In modern societies where there is abundance in the water supply, huge waste is recorded, that could easily be reduced or even eliminated.  By following simple water saving tips, such as those we present you down below, the water consumption could be reduced by at least 50%!

Water saving tips in the kitchen

  • Soak soiled utensils in water, rather than remove the leftovers by leaving the tap running for hours.
  • Turn off the tap as long as you lather the dishes.
  • If you have a dishwasher, make sure to always fill it and select the economic programs.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl with water, which can then be used for watering your flowers.

In the bathroom

  • Check for leaky flush.
  • Turn off the tap when you do not need water, as for example when you brush your teeth, take a bath or shave.  Did you know that leaving the tap running for five minutes, the waste water can be up to 20 liters?  This, let’s say for 1.000.000 inhabitants, is equivalent to 20.000 cubic meters of wasted water per day!
  • Quickly shower with moderate pressure.
  • Replace the old flushes with modern of dual flow.  In the old flushes you can place special devices that reduce water consumption.

At the balcony or the garden

  • Water your plants early in the morning or late in the afternoon, especially in summer.
  • Sweep up the yard or balcony instead of washing them with the hose.
  • Regularly check your automatic irrigation system for leaks.
  • Select plants that are resistant to the climatic conditions of your region.

General advices

  • Main source of water (and money) loss is leaking.  By often controlling your hydrometer with your taps closed, you can immediately find any hidden leaks and thus prevent other collateral problems, like moisture, mold, etc.
  • Close the main switch of the water when you are about to leave from home for a period of time.

Every year on March 22 we celebrate the World Water Day.  Water is our treasure.  Saving water is a matter of life for all of us and we have to realize that on time and pass it over to our children.  So, we take care of water now, before it’s too late!

Reduce water consumption …it’s good for you!

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