What if you Have Chosen the Wrong Position?

There are two words that all of us would like them to characterize our hard everyday life…  Two words that give life meaning and motivation to keep on struggling for the best:  optimism and hope.

Optimism is to be able to see what is happening in your life in a positive way, even when situations are difficult and challenging.  It is a positive attitude that sees white through black and prevents us from being carried away by negative emotions such as frustration, fear and anxiety.  Of course this is not easy and cannot happen in every case;  However, by looking at our life through the perspective of optimism we bring hope for something better in the future.

Maintaining hope is important for us in order to move on and tackle the problems that lie ahead.  When we hope, we feel that we can dominate over the difficulties and that we have the inner strength to dedicate ourselves to our goals.  Moreover, when we hope, we stimulate the primitive survival instinct which tells us that we should try our most to overcome any problems standing in our way for a better life.

On the contrary, when we do not hope for anything, we think that no effort has any meaning because in any case there is no hope for improvement.  However, the more we think like this, the more we quit from any effort to change something and whatever bothers us, will be getting even worse.  To get out of this stagnant situation, we need to challenge the idea that there is no hope.  Let us suppose that we were wrong and take the initiative to do something which we had not tried before.  Even if we believe that we have tried everything, it is unlikely to have really tried everything!

We take into account all the positive data we have, without magnifying the negative ones. Any mistake or failure is not always the result of our own “inadequacy”.  Our weaknesses should be set aside and our strong points should come forth and get us out of the predicament.  Let the frustrations of the past become useful lessons for the present and the future.

Besides the positive changes that we can see in our life with the optimistic and full of hope attitude, the certain fact is that our body will highly appreciate it.  

Surveys have shown that optimistic people are healthier, as they have stronger immune system.  In addition, they are more creative in their personal and professional life, as they do not employ their mind with pessimistic thoughts, but they look forward and take life in their hands.  May the new year be the beginning of a new, more positive view in our life!

Live today with optimism and hope for the future …it’s good for you!

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