Underwater Concerts: An Aquatic Experience

centrepieceGreat news for those seeking to combine every aspect of their leisure time with the water, whether it’s for exercise, wellness, or just for fun.

wetsoundslogoWet Sounds band (www.wetsounds.co.uk), is the only one that performs concerts in swimming pools filled with water and swimmers who enjoy an “underwater sound art gallery”, which aims to explore the differences between sounds that travel in the air and water, as the founder of the band Joel Cahen says.

kolgen-rennesAs Cahen explains, sound travels 4.5 times faster in water than it does in air.  Thus, the participant who is immersed in the water has the illusion that the sound comes through his head due to the vibrations caused to the hearing nerve.  In fact, participants with hearing problems who attended the concerts of the band, reported that they could hear better in the water.

Wet-SoundsWet Sounds first toured in 2008 and since then they have participated in many international festivals throughout Europe with great success.  Also, Cahen is the co-founder of the charity institution Liquid Vibrations, which organizes sessions in hydrotherapy pools for children and adults with special needs.  His underwater music, combined with watsu exercises have educational, physical, as well as emotional benefits for the participants.

WSHelsinki09Of course, one can also attend their concerts outside the pool, if they do not want to dive into the water, but the loyal fans of Wet Sounds always carry swimsuit and a swimming cap in order to enjoy this unique experience to the fullest.

Get a glimpse of Wet Sounds here because …it’s good for you!

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