Treetop Pool Houses

Tsala Treetop LodgeCan you think of anything cooler than pools in treetop houses?  Yes, you read that right. Pools on trees!

GSO-Slide-2_1Near Port Elizabeth in South Africa and among the coastal towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, lies the luxurious Tsala Treetop Lodge resort, ideally located between the ridges of the ancient forest. Wooden paths lead to 10 suites and 6 two bedroom villas built on age-old trees. Stone, wood and glass make an ideal luxury scenery amidst nature.

GAD-Slide-3Nothing bizarre so far. We have heard again of luxury hotels with treetop houses. But the surprise is hidden right here: The suites are equipped with fireplace, and wooden terrace with private pool! It’s a unique experience having your morning dive on the wooden deck of a treetop house, while gazing from above a breathtaking view: the mystical forest of South Africa that is joined to the rolling valleys and the nearby hills.

Tsala Treetop Lodge 2Those of you, who are lucky enough, rush to it. As for the rest of us, let’s put it on our “things to do” list, with the expectation to visit sometime soon.

Better yet, if you could build your own treetop house! However, don’t forget that it should have a pool in it, because …it’s good for you!

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