Think Well… Think Positive!

Φ5Negative thoughts drain us of energy and keep us from being in the present moment.  The more we give into them, the stronger they become.  

Θ1Imagine a small ball rolling along the ground, and as it rolls, it becomes bigger and faster.  That’s what one small negative thought can turn into: a huge, speeding ball of ugliness.  On the contrary, a small positive thought can have the same effect blossoming into a beautiful and full of optimism outcome.  This is exactly what we need to get good psychology and mood for action against any adversity.

Let us recall some simple practices to turn away negative thoughts, living for today and waiting for tomorrow with optimism!


First of all, when we smile we use fewer muscles than when we frown. Impressive? 🙂  Furthermore, a smile reliefs us from stress, so it enhances our mood.  It is also contagious, as a TV presenter used to say…

Surround yourself with positive people

Being surrounded by people who have a positive outlook on life, is beneficial, as they influence us accordingly, severing us from every negative thought.

Φ6Change your way of thinking

For example, instead of thinking, “We are going to have a hard time adjusting to our living situation,” think, “We will face some challenges, but we will come up with solutions that will satisfy us”.

Dont play the victim. You create your life – take responsibility

Even if our living situation becomes unbearable, there is always a way out.  We must always have the choice to make change happen, if need be.

ΜΠΑΛΕΣHelp someone

Take the focus away from you and do something good for people in need.  It will surely make you feel much better!

Nobody is perfect

It’s easy to dwell on our mistakes.  However, what’s the point?  The only thing we can do is to learn from them and look forward.


We may not remember lyrics of a loved song very well, but every time we sing, we feel better!  It’s a very nice way to show our feelings and to relax as well.

List five things that you are grateful for right now

Being grateful helps appreciate what you already have, because the only sure thing is that we cannot have it all!

Read positive quotes

A good idea is to place Post-It notes with positive quotes on your computer, fridge door and mirror, as reminders to stay positive!

HOT TUBLast but not least is the solution that we, in Ideales Group, offer to you: Relaxing hydrotherapy in an Ideales Spa or swimming and splashing in a Piscines Ideales pool or both! The benefits are many and salutary, both for the body and for your mood!

Live for today with smile and optimism …it’s good for you!

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