The Wild Horses of Kefalonia

denia_photos_045Mount Ainos in Kefalonia, was declared in 1962 as one of the 10 National Parks in Greece. There, one can find the unique in the world black spruce, but also the unique Kefalonian wild horses. But before you visit the mountain, hoping for them to pass galloping next to you, read about these wonderful creatures…

IMG_2723It is said that the wild horses of Kefalonia come from a small group of tame horses that was released on the mountain during the interwar period. This kind of horse is very close to the breed of horses of Pindos, which has been adapted to survive in harsh conditions. These horses have small head and short stature, strong and powerful legs and excellent stamina and flexibility. However, in order to meet them, one should climb on the mountain to an altitude higher than 900 meters. These wild horses have chosen to live in such a height because the only source of water in the region is in 1.300 metres altitude, at the monastery of the Life Giving Source.

IMG_4287However, these wild horses stubbornly avoid humans. So, it is quite rare for someone to see them and that’s why there aren’t many pictures of them. For Kefalonians, it is considered to be great luck to meet the wild horses of Ainos and many spend hours around the monastery and the source hoping to see them as they approach to drink water.

denia_photos_045Those who were lucky enough to meet them, describe a unique spectacle. Perhaps not because of their rare beauty, but because of the energy exuded by the view of free wild horses. Their free spirit and imperious gallop, captivate the eye and the subconscious, awaking unusual sentiments. However, if you happen to see them during a walk in the wild beauty of Ainos, do not try to approach them because they will disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

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