The top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Kefalonia

30The island is famous for its Kefalonian spirit, the black spruce of Mount Ainos and of course its beautiful award-winning beaches. So we present to you the top 5 beaches that you most certainly have to visit on your next trip to the amazing island of Kefalonia.

From the top, the view of Myrtos beach is breathtaking as the sun reflects on the white pebbles and the water turns into a bright turquoise. It is the most famous and photographed beach of Kefalonia. Myrtos, with its white pebbles and its vivid blue, deep water has been awarded as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and mesmerizes thousands of visitors that travel to Kefalonia each year, to dive into the crystal clear waters and relax on the amazing coast.

Sandy red beach at Kefalonia island in GreeceXi
Xi beach is unlike any other beach in Kefalonia. The water is shallow and the sand has an intense, red color because of the clay it contains. Indeed, the peculiar sand of Xi beach has tightening and cleansing properties that benefit the skin. The crystal waters and the shallow depth make it ideal for children but adults that want want to enjoy the beach along with a complimentary spa treatment directly from nature love it too.

Antisamos beach has white pebbles and is within walking distance from the port of Sami. It provided a romantic setting for the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” that was filmed in Kefalonia. It combines the green of the Mediterranean nature and the blue of the Ionian beautifully since the lush vegetation of the area grows almost next to the water. Also, its crystal clear waters have been awarded with the Blue Flag by the Hellenic National Tourism Organization.

Skala beach is one of the longest beaches of Kefalonia. It has fine golden sand that stretches for three kilometers, crystal clear waters and it is surrounded by lush vegetation. It is one of the most popular beaches that is fully organized offering all comforts to visitors, while maintaining its unique character.

Petani is a beach on the Palikis area at the western part of Kefalonia. It has white pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters that deepen gradually. It received its name from the abundant waters running around since, in the ancient Greek language, “Petani” means abundant water. This beach is ideal for romantics, since it is infamous for its stunning sunsets.

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