The Sea Has Its Own Rules

Swimming in the sea is one of summer’s greatest pleasures, however it may hide some dangers that it’s wise to keep in mind, so that we can enjoy it safely.

A full stomach, fatigue, alcohol, are deterrent factors. For those who love diving, it is important to first check the bottom of the sea. In general, it is good to have company while in sea and not to go far away from shore, no matter how good swimmers we are.

We are more safe when we swim along the coast and not exceed any boundaries. When we have small children with us – even if they wear a life jacket or brooches, or they just play on the seashore – we should never take our eyes off of them, because it is only a matter of seconds for something to go wrong.

Having these basic tips in mind, we greatly reduce the dangers at sea and enjoy every single bath!

Enjoy your sea bath with safetyit’s good for you!

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