The Big Blue Elixir of Long Life

gummienteGreece has one of the longest coastlines in the world – about 16.000 km – with wonderful seashores and beaches.  Almost every year greek seas and beaches are included in the top three among dozens of countries worldwide, concerning the number of blue flag beaches.


With so many and so beautiful beaches around us, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to regularly start swimming, which is the best form of exercise for all ages!  Because swimming is not just fun or a way to cool down…  it is also a very enjoyable activity that keeps us healthy, strong and in shape!

ΗSwimming provides the ability to evenly workout your body without stressing or straining your joints.  In the water the body is lighter than outside, as if you immerse halfway, you are 50% lighter, while if the water reaches your neck, then you “carry” only 10% of your weight.

The more you swim, the more you increase your muscle mass and strength due to the water resistance and your own effort to overcome it!

ΗΛΙΟΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΑ 5Your effort is not in vain as by swimming you exercise and strengthen your heart, which means you have better blood circulation in your body.

Swimming also is one of the most ideal ways to lose calories and to keep under control your weight. Making one hours swimming can burn 500 to 700 calories.  If indeed combine swimming with a healthy diet, you will manage to lose several pounds in a short time.

ΓSwimming also helps to balance the good and bad cholesterol in the blood, even raising the levels of the good one.  Furthermore, researches have shown that aerobic exercise such as swimming, enhances the elasticity of arteries, which is one of the body properties that we lose as we age. Swimming has also a positive effect on our psychology, as it eliminates stress and improves our mood.

Finally, swimming is an effective method against cellulite, as the pressure of water exerted on the body helps fight cellulite. What else can you ask for?

IDEALES SWIM SPAHowever, for 365 days a year swimming, there is the Ideales solution! With a Piscines Ideales or an Ideales Swim Spa in the house or cottage, you have the opportunity for regular exercise with all the benefits of swimming mentioned above, and therefore the opportunity for a better quality of life, which at the end is what we are looking for!

So sunbathing is good, with all the necessary means of protection, but swimming is better!

This summer workout in the water …it’s good for you!

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