The Best Tranquilizer isn’t in a Pill Form…

ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΔΙΟ ΩΣ ΔΩΡΟHave you ever noticed that when you are around your pet, you keep calm and feel much better? Indeed, spending time with our favorite pet by taking care of it or just playing has undoubtedly positive impact on our mood as well as on our health!

Message December 2014 BIGScientific studies have shown that co-existence with a pet has a very positive impact on our health, such as keeping the blood pressure in check, lessening the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, feeling less anxiety and stress, combating depression, etc.

Moreover, the presence of a dog or a cat at home benefits the immune system of babies, as studies have shown that babies, who grow up close to these animals, are less prone to allergies, asthma, colds and infections.

ΠΑΙΔΙΑ ΜΕ ΖΩΑGenerally, the benefits for the children who grow close to an animal are manifold.  They feel more secure having their pet as a faithful companion, they become more giving, they learn how to express themselves, they understand and respect the needs of another creature, they have a tireless companion in the game, develop social skills and self-confidence, improve their fitness through stride and play, they stay calm and become more responsible and compassionate.

Woman Rubbing Noses with Puppy ca. 2002However, the decision to get a pet should not be taken as an impulsive and transient satisfaction of our own desire or that of our children, as our pet will become an equal member of the family.  Pets are not objects or toys that we can tuck in a closet or leave them to their fate, if we get bored or cannot take care of them properly.

Their basic daily needs have to do with nutrition, cleanliness, walk, play and our caresses, in addition to their regular medical care that includes health maintenance booklet, vaccination, administration of drugs for parasites, etc.  Such a decision should, therefore, be taken after serious thought and discussion by all members of the family, as life with a pet is a big commitment in many ways.

ΣΚΥΛΟΣUnfortunately, in Greece stray animals are a very common sight, animals that from one moment to the next, they were found in the street, without food and water, with health problems, animals that very often fall victims of brutal abuse or even killing from unconscionable people and all of this happens because their owners abandoned them to the mercy of God and people…

The decision of having a pet is actually a big one as well as the responsibility, but the reward we get from our daily contact with these tender and playful creatures are multiple and it’s definitely worth to have them in our lives!

Take care of your pet as an equal member of the family and enjoy its company …it’s good for you!

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