Summer Holidays for Good Health

HOLIDAYSummer is the best time for holidays.  The warm weather, the sea at the right temperature for swimming and we are in the mood for relaxation and rest, counting days to flee to a favorite destination (as far as the economic crisis permits us to do so…), away from the daily routine and the stress that accompanies it.

Holidays according to experts, are necessary not only to “fill our batteries”, but also to strengthen our body’s defense.  Studies have shown that the human body needs at least two consecutive weeks of holiday to substantially benefit both physically and mentally.  So, apart from the beautiful moments that we’ll have to cherish from our summer trips, we’ll have as well many other things to benefit, such as:

Regain fitness

Experts believe that we can reclaim up to 30% of our fitness just by going on holidays.  Vacations force us to exercise more, because we walk greater distances, swim, chase the kids around and play sports.  Moreover, regular movement during the day boosts our circulation and gets our blood pumping which ups our heart rate and immune system.

Rebuild our body

Away from our hard and demanding daily program, our body has all the time and freedom to start repairing itself!  It’s a widely accepted truth that chronic disorders, such as back pain, migraines and sore throats, disappear when we are on holiday.

WOMAN - SEA FRONTBetter breath

Fresh air can do miracles!  Giving our lungs the chance to breathe fresh, clean air for at least 72 hours, we significantly improve our breath.  The lungs have the ability to repair themselves, so every time we give them the chance to do so, we breathe better in no time.

Rejuvenation of our relationship

Routine, tiredness and stress “kill” our libido.  Going on holiday is the best way to regain our passion and revive our libido.  Studies have also shown that female and male fertility rates are higher when we are on holiday!

Better sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to poor mental and body performance, premature ageing and even illness. While we are asleep our bodies undergo certain important processes – from repair and renewal to energy restoration.  Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep and regain our vitality!

More laughter

Holiday among other things means nice company and having fun.  Laughter is the best physical medicine we have, that can strengthen our immune system by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals which can help reduce the risk of various diseases, from heart conditions to allergic reactions and arthritis.

Sense of optimism

When someone expects something in his life, he sees things around him less negative.  Whether it is a beach or a walk, or more sleep that we mentioned before, the levels of happiness rise every time we think of our holidays.  Future plans and memories of past holidays automatically make us happier and more optimistic.

Time for small pleasures

BEACH THINGSFinding time for ourselves is a luxury.  The most important meaning of holidays is to make myself the gift of time and do things that please me: read a book, watch a movie, meet friends after a long time, toddle in nature, take care of my body, eat my favorite foods, etc.  Experts say that two hours of these small pleasures and activities are enough to improve our immune and feel wellness.  It is no coincidence that after two weeks of holiday we reduce by 30% the probability of getting sick in the winter!

Offer yourself even a week of quality holidays, away from your daily program …it’s good for you!

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