Spectacular Development Rates for Ideales

Ideales Group continues recording impressive financial results, despite the most unfavorable and unstable economic climate.

During the quarter of January-March 2017, Idealesturnover skyrocketed to a +52% increase, compared to the corresponding quarter of 2016 during which the highest growth record had been attained since 2010.

The market continues not only steadily supporting and awarding the quality, reliability and value for money products of the entirely greek Ideales, but also strengthening even further the leading position of the company in the pool and spa sector, by showing an impressive increase of its preference towards it.

Commenting on the results, Mr. Konstantinos Stavridis, Group CEO, noted: “Our constant dynamic development is due to the fact that we offer to each of our Customers complete satisfaction from our cooperation, creating reliable and timeless projects. I am proud that we do not turn to the most common nowadays unethical practices because of the crisis, just to reduce our costs in order to broker deals and finally make those who trust us to run instead of swimming (e.g. we do not ‘baptize’ products, we do not “trick” the quality, we do not use less concrete, we do not have unskilled workers, etc.)”.

Ideales is the only company in the pool and hydrotherapy sector worldwide with so many certifications, awards and recognitions for the quality of its working environment, the Customer Service that it offers etc., but also the only company worldwide with a collection of distinctions on the ecological profile of its products and its commitment to sustainable development.


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