Some Actions Cost us a Lot…

1A household has a lot of expenses on a daily basis.  The energy consumption is an important and integral part of these costs, which we can cut down, if we adopt the following simple actions in our daily routine.



  • Light bulb, in handReplace the common lamps with economy lamps (fluorescent, led) which last much longer and consume up to 7 times less power.
  • Prefer low-power lamps in corridors and rooms that you do not often use.  Generally, avoid the unnecessary or excessive light and definitely turn off the light when you do not need it.
  • Regularly dust the lamps and bulbs.


  • On sunny days let the sun come in and heat the house.
  • With double glazing you save up to 10% on the heating bill.
  • 3Regular maintenance of the boiler and burner ensure fuel efficiency and low pollution.
  • Set the thermostat at a stable temperature (e.g. at 20oC).  For each additional degree you waste up to 7% more energy!
  • Bleed the radiator before the first use.  Do not cover it in any way (curtains, furniture) and keep it closed in rooms that you do not use.

Domestic Appliances

4Washing machine: About 90% of the power consumed by a washing machine goes to water heating.  Washing at low temperatures (30° – 40° C) saves you up to 50%!  In addition, put laundry when the washing machine is full, otherwise use short washing programs.

Kitchen: Cook in kitchenware applying the hob, with the lid closed.  If the bottom of the pot is 1-2 cm smaller than the hob, you waste 20 to 30% more energy.  Ten minutes before the food is ready turn off the kitchen.  Similarly, turn off the oven half an hour before the end of baking. Do not open the oven door for no reason.

Refrigerator: The refrigerator should be located away from heat sources (stove, radiator).  Regularly defrost, as a thick layer of ice (i.e. 5 mm) increases by 30% the power consumption.  Do not often open the refrigerator door and do not keep it open for long. Make sure that the door fits right.  Do not cover the fridge’s ventilation gaps, well dust the pipes (grid) on the rear side and leave at least 5 cm distance from the wall.  Put the food in the refrigerator after it has cooled.

time to saveAnother simple energy-saving action is to close all electrical appliances (TV, laptop, etc.) from the main switch (not stand by).  For more convenience you can use a power strip with a switch.  The annual saving is about € 30 while the emissions of carbon dioxide are being reduced.  Also, do not “forget” the chargers plugged in when you no more use them.

The list would not be complete without computers and laptops.  Note that laptops consume up to 93% less energy than stable computers.  The monitors use up to 70% of computing power (depending on the size, resolution and brightness of the screen) so you’d prefer the smallest flat screen, which consumes up to 79% less energy.  Activate the energy saving features that allow your computer to enter standby mode, and thus reduce power consumption by 70%.

7Finally, a major investment for your household is the solar panel, as about 20% of the electricity bill has to do with the water heating.  Using a solar water heater saves you around € 200 a year.  Moreover, the triple energy water heater is the best solution for even more economy, as it has an additional input that uses heater’s water as a heating medium.

In the spirit of the times, Ideales Group features unique products of high technology and performance, that take care of you and the environment:  The only – certified – ecological pool worldwide Piscines Ideales | the eco pool® as well as the famous Ideales Spa, offer you unparalleled economy while protecting the environment, by saving natural resources and reducing emissions.  In particular, Ideales Spa with an operating cost under 1 euro / day, is the most energy efficient Spa ever built!

Reducing of energy consumption which simultaneously means and environmental protection, is in our hands, so…

Reduce your carbon footprint … it’s good for you!

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