Rethink… Reuse!

Are you sure that the piece of paper or the object you are about to throw away, cannot get a second chance?

Modern societies based on mass consumption, produce thousands of tons of waste every day, without taking into account the consequences for the environment.  Changing habits in managing things around us, may seem hard, but it is absolutely necessary.

Saving of money and natural resources, the protection of the environment, the opportunity for a creative escape from everyday routine, the practical solutions made from our hands, for the job, our home, the garden, our life in general, are the very important benefits that we will profit, if we give a second chance to things we previously thought were useless or that their mission was over!

Let us mention, for example, a paper sheet.  As a rule, an average tree gives around 40 kilos of paper, that is 8.000 A4 sheets.  If you think that 500 A4 sheets cost about 3-4 €, the whole tree is cut for 50-60 €. So, reusing our sheet of paper from the back side, for example as a notebook, we save money and valuable natural resources as well.

Your imagination and creativity can help you find unique ways to reuse seemingly useless objects.  But even if imagination does not help, some people have taken care of this, by communicating their imaginative ideas on reuse of materials and objects on the internet.

With a simple search, you will find out how many, handy and beautiful things you can make from objects you were ready to throw away.

An old TV can turn into a puppet theater or a house for your pet or even in an aquarium!  Suitcases you do not want anymore can be transformed into beautifully decorative or functional pieces of furniture: a comfortable armchair, a large storage box, a shelf on the wall, or a comfortable cot for your pet.  Scrap tires can be turned into colorful pots or become fancy seats, even swings.  Wooden pallets are transformed into a cuddly sofa or table for your balcony or garden.  A ladder can become your new library!  Even your old jeans can be transformed into a trendy shoulder bag that you can use in your shopping instead of market’s plastic bags.

For things you definitely do not need, there are other choices like donating them instead of throwing away or stacking them in a warehouse.  You can also make a special gift with your own hands for a loved one. Your personal care gives to your gift a special value!

And if you do not have wrapping paper, what would you say to use the sheets of a newspaper?  Alternatively, your old newspapers would be highly valued by clubs involved in the care of stray or injured animals and birds.

For whatever cannot be reused or simply given away, but is recyclable, we do the right thing.  Recycling contributes decisively to the quality of our life, which is directly related to the environment we live in. So, less rubbish means healthier living conditions for us and our children!

Give new life to your old objects …it’s good for you!

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