Overcome Routine, Unleash your Energy!

Autumn is here!  Summer is just a sweet memory…  It’s hard to adapt to everyday life again, especially for a family, because of the heavy and pressing program that leaves little room for personal time.

However, before finalizing our daily program, it would be good to look at what we can do for ourselves. Something that will unleash our energy, please and rejuvenate us, such as getting a hobby!

It is a common belief that only people with a lot of free time have a hobby.  However, there are so many benefits that even if you think you do not have enough time for that, it’s worth finding it. After all, a hobby is not a luxury, but an internal need that will bring balance in your life.

Nevertheless, finding a hobby that suits us is not always so easy.  If you have difficulty in finding it, look up for it a little more, try new things.  If necessary, ask your friends to get some ideas. With an open mind and positive mood, it is almost certain that you will find the hobby that suits you.

In general, experts recommend finding activities that test the way we think and promote social interaction, such as learning a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument, take photography lessons, do some gardening, knitting, cooking, support volunteering actions, etc.

So why, then, should we get a hobby?  There are many good reasons to do so!  We only give you some basic ones.  It’s up to you to add or discover your own special reasons!

Having a hobby:

  • Gives us the ideal opportunity to take a break from our stressful and hard everyday life, by doing something we really love.
  • Fills us with positive energy.
  • Stimulates our self-confidence.
  • We make new acquaintances.
  • We acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • We train the mind and/or the body.
  • In addition, research has shown that engaging in enjoyable activities is associated with lower blood pressure, lower levels of depression and higher levels of positive psychosocial states.

Hobbies offer a new challenge, without the stress or pressure that we are used to.   It’s something we make of choice, we like it and we practice it whenever and wherever we can.  It’s an ideal escape from our boring and tiring routine!

Find a pleasant way out in  your life with a hobby …it’s good for you!

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