No Charge Required for the Best Game

Summer for children is synonymous with carelessness and gaming.  In our times, however, gaming has changed form and shape…  Nowadays, children play mainly with a handset instead of their friends.

The World Health Organization has recently recognized gaming addiction as a disorder that includes three types of behavior:

  • Limited control over gaming (time, duration)
  • The priority given to gaming versus other activities
  • The continuation of hours in gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences

Note that addiction to gaming has been associated with other accompanying situations, such as attention deficit, hyperactivity, depressed emotion, anxiety, etc.  Limits to gaming are essential for smooth development and balance in the child’s life.  After all, the most entertaining and healthy game is out there with friends, just like the good old days 🙂

Encourage kids to play out with friendsit’s good for you!

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